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    I first joined this site, because I was looking to meet new people, and soon found it would be a nice place to also share all the poetry I've been writing. I've slowly built up a small group of people that really enjoy what I do, and I've even been on the ground floor of a new group, where we all support each other to write more, and so there is a new creative circle that's been formed. For the most part I've had nothing but good experiences here, of course I get the random message for sexing, prompted from out of no where. For some reason this site attracts a lot of rude individuals, but I think there's way more people who come that are just interested in being friends.

    Some features that would be nice, is the ability to share pics with each other through private messaging. Another feature is more interactivity with the groups, as right now they mainly congregate the messages into one area that the members post. It would be nice to be able to message that group, and it posts just there for the members, as to share our ideas with each other more easily. The profiles themselves are also very simple at the moment. Some more customability options would be nice, like a section for pictures on your profile page, or a diary section.

    I've enjoyed my time here, and it would be nice to see just a bit more effort on the staff side, because that's the only way the site will truly grow. I don't want to see something I've been putting so much of my time into fall apart.

    1. Regarding groups, we understand, may be we can create a category only for WRITING or POETRY. So that ALL the writing lovers can follow that category and watch it and discuss whatever you want in same category.?

  • @us-poet very well said man0_1521806023524_9124E016-8013-4406-A674-0593C00A7733.gif

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    @us-poet these are some damn good suggestions. Good job Poet!

  • Well said!! We love you, unicorn!
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  • @us-poet You never fail to amaze me with your words and every bit of it is right!

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    Well said @US-poet <3 <3 <3 <3

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    👍 needed suggestions