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    Okay, so I originally came here for sexting. Yup. Better believe it. But I was able to turn myself around lol, so perverts who are reading this: IM JUST A CHILD NOW.
    So the challenge is for you to go back, find your first post(or reply), and post it in the comments below. Here is mine: topic: How many of you are married and single? (Posted by @sarah )
    My response: Yuppers, I’m a single pringle
    Your turnnnnnnnn

  • @willoww alright here it goes lmao.......Topic: If you could only use five words to describe you(posted by @willoww) My Reply:
    Football, food, family, shy, funny

  • Apparently, my first post was a reply to a Topic post in which I was giving "first date advice" to @RAGNAR himself...

    Here it is:
    Don't go.

    Technically good advice, BTW...

    You'll never truly know if it's a setup. <_<
    Girls are good at pretending they like someone (assuming this first date of yours is indeed with a girl).

    Good luck, don't forget to not bring her flowers when you go.. unless she's into that corny stuff.

    Source - http://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/topic/6561/give-me-some-bad-first-date-advice/2

  • So, yeah, this was my first post,

    something bothering you....want to share something with someone but don't know anyone to share it....I, Sir Devil will listen patiently to your problems and would try to help you at the best of my ability...

  • Okay @Zabracky posted a topic
    Ladies hit me up!
    And i replied : hi

  • Gamers

    The topic was "Someone tell me a random fact about anything"

    I replied: A new type of chocolate was recently invented, called Ruby chocolate....and it's pink!

    Is love to say my responses have gotten better, but I'm not convinced

  • I tried my best to look for my first post but failed... OmO

  • Looking fir gf: need anyone to flirt with hmu

  • @ragnar Hahahaha looks like it worked bro just took until @willoww joined lmao

  • @football_m29 said in TIME TO TIME TRAVEL-PLAY THE GAME BISHES:

    @ragnar Hahahaha looks like it worked bro just took until @willoww joined lmao

    Good few months of struggling lmao, and patiance helps too