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    Still wanting some stories from people... real or fiction, any genre it doesn't matter. I love reading every tale. Anyways here is the third part to my Aether tale

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    Part III- The Watery Embrace

    As John entered the atmosphere the friction caused his body to burst into flames. It felt as if every atom in his body was flying apart but he remained intact. The cerulean ocean flooded every field of his peripherals as he plummeted closer and closer to the murderous sea. At last, John hit the water with an impact that should have ended him. Strangely, he still lived and continued down into the crystalline blue world.

    The cool sensation of the sea welcomed him to this blue serenity but soon the scenery changed from a tranquil azure to a hateful sapphire. John descended into the depths and all forms of sea life coalesced to his position. They approached cautiously and regarded him with wary observations. As he continued, his lungs began to give way. John held his breath for what seemed like an eternity but eventually succumbed to his desire for air; he drew a sharp intake. The liquid stabbed his chest, forcing him to cough. A wispy cloud of red filled his vision as blood poured from his now broken lungs. The coppery taste of blood replaced the briny water in his mouth. He continued further down and the sea life began to taper off. They dared not follow him to what awaited at the bottom.

    John heaved and with every ragged breath, convulsed but remain conscious. On his descent, a low growl could be heard from all around him. The remaining sea creatures scattered in fear and left him in a solitary plunge.

    The growl transformed into an ominous laugh that shook the ocean itself.

    Who? thought John.

    Poseidon, replied a dark voice in John’s mind, I am the lord of this watery abyss and you have entered my domain uninvited.

    I did not choose to come here, thought John. Your brother sent me.

    Poseidon shook the sea with his laughter again. Helios is no brother of mine.

    Darkness consumed John as he continued to sink into the inky abyss. He stared into the gloom and saw two glowing amber orbs coming closer to his position. John shielded his eyes from the luminance and was horrified when he could make out the form of a giant worm, which had a maw filled with millions of razor-sharp teeth.

    Surrender yourself to me, said the worm with Poseidon’s voice, and end your suffering.

    Never, shouted John in his mind.

    Poseidon laughed and the ocean rumbled. You will never feel your beloved again but you will feel the weight of my world crush you.

    Why me? pleaded John.

    Why not? hissed the worm. We control the fate of mortals. Your destiny is not for you to decide but ours to control.

    The weight of the ocean pressed against John’s body. It felt as if his already broken bones had turned to dust; a gurgling stream of blood escaped from his lungs. He forced his eyes shut and to his relief, the pressure began to recede. After a short moment, his feet hit the ocean floor and he felt a kiss of mist on his face instead of the cruel force of the sea. When John reopened his eyes, he was no longer in the dark abyssal waters but on a knoll in the headlands of the Northern Californian coast. In the distance, he saw a great city with buildings so tall they scraped the sky. A thick fog was rolling in and obscured a familiar coppery bridge from John’s memory.

    While John stared in amazement, he felt a hand intertwine with his own. He looked to his right and saw Ellie standing next to him. Her scarlet hair whipped back and forth from the coastal breeze.

    Ellie turned her gaze to him. “John,” she said, “even if the distance between us is inches or parsecs, promise that you will always be with me.”

    “I promise,” replied John. He closed his eyes again and felt the pressure of the water returning, it invaded every opening of his body; fury overwhelmed him.

    Poseidon’s rumbling laughter began again. You will never feel her again. His thoughts stabbed into John’s mind. Accept your fate.

    Despite the overwhelming pain, John forced a smile and threw his thoughts at the worm. You are wrong! I always feel Ellie, for she is with me wherever I go.

    Poseidon screamed and John’s ears felt as if they would explode. Stupid mortal! Then I will allow my mother, Gaia, to devour you. The ground beneath John began to shake.

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    I don't really have an idea to write a story now... But you could access this person on quora.
    He writes short 3 minute stories.

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    @sammy thanks, I love Quora; I am always on there. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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    I just love Balaji Viswanathan.
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    @stranger_danger I have always thought to answer a question but there is always someone smarter than you, waiting to make you look like an asshat... so, I just browse and keep my mediocre knowledge to myself. 😂

  • @evan-elderson Glad you're writing & sharing bro! 🙂

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    @evan-elderson Glad you're writing & sharing bro! 🙂

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