I’m writing a story for my ELA class, tell me what you think

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    Okay so it’s about Finnick odair and his life story up to the point of them in the plane being taken from his last hunger games with katness.

    If you never read the hunger games you won’t understand any of this lol 😂 😅

    But if you did Great tell me your feedback and how you think I did on this (hint this is only a rough draft)

    Katness is out cold and me (Finnick odair) and haymitch are trying to come up with a plan to get peeta back....Wait that’s a little too far in this story let’s go back to the beginning.

    Ever since I was little I grew up in district 4, my parents died when I was young I don’t remember much about them. Once my parents passed I was taken in by Mags who had won her hunger games of her time. She’s a older women who hardly talks and over the years loses speech all together. She taught me how to swim, fish and throw spears, which came in handy in my own hunger games in only a few years time. As I was growing up I noticed the poverty in my district. Many people wouldn’t survive the harsh winters here. But I was one of the few lucky ones with the money for food and fresh water. With my deceased parents earnings and help from Mags we got by.
    As I got closer to the age of being able to be picked to be a tribute in the hunger games Mags started to tell me stories of her own games but only small parts of the stories as I was young to know all the pain she went through but I would understand after my own games. After I would ask for more details she’d tell me “ Oh Finnick, I will not scare you with my time in the arena you will understand when your older”.. And I did understand when I was older

  • @heyitszoey I thought it was ok. Being a MAJOR Hunger Games fan .... I think you took it from a good perspective.

  • Freedom Writers Music Lovers Gamers

    @mr-peanut yess I loved Finnick so yeah lol I choose him to write about

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