• Music Lovers Black Lives Matter Watch Anime Eyes One Woman Army tws gay club but no homo


    Alice was a young girl she didn't have many friends so she made some of her own, she named them numbers but she had a favourite she called her zero because that was her first one as she grew older she forgot about them. One day, Alice was sunbathing in her garden, suddenly she had the urge to go to the road and walk across is so she did "BEEEEEP" a shadow leaned towards her it was a lorry so she jumped out the way but she saved herself but the lorry was burning and then trying to escape were her parents she thought she had just been possessed but she wasn't bothered by it, her neighbour adopted her but Alice hated her, her neighbour was a alcoholic so she didn't like how things were going. A couple days later she was in class "Alice focus!!" Said the teacher in rage then Alice had a sick feeling and asked to go to the bathroom she washed her face and a shocked face grew across her she thought she saw another person then she shook her head and went back to class, when she got home she tried sneak past the living room but her neighbour grabbed her by her hand and dragged her to the kitchen "WHATS THIS" she yelled, pointing to a full desk of bottles of alcohol "sorry I was late for school", Alice said mumbling, the woman dropped her on the floor and went of in fury, Alice wept and went to her bedroom suddenly she was put in a room full of mirrors "where am i" she asked "somewhere, do you remember me" "huh no" the voice giggles creepily and replied "I was the one who killed your parents" Alice hesitated before answering, she was furious "i hate you" she said trying to shed back the tears "hehe say goodbye" before Alice could say anything she started changing, then she appeared in her or the house then the phone rang so she picked it up it was alices bff, Ann, she said she had a gift so in the new body she grabbed a giant hammer and cut her cheeks to ear to ear and then sowing them up while the blood dripped onto the floor on the way out of the house she decapitated the woman's body and laughed histericly and went to Ann's house. As Ann opened her door she yelled and dropped the gift "Alice will never come back I'm zero now" she said laughing and hitting Ann's head and taking of the skin of her body all there were was bones and a decapitated head then she picked up the gift and opened it, out came a black and white stripped scalf and then she held the hammer back and walked of innocently a new girl had been born and she was known by the name of Zero

  • Interesting, how many of these do you have

  • Music Lovers Black Lives Matter Watch Anime Eyes One Woman Army tws gay club but no homo

    @Gammer a lot xD

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