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    "Who's there" Elliot said pulling his axe out the whispers became louder and Elliot fell on the floor unconscious, he woke up in a dark room with circles with the X inside were carved in the wall and pictures of what looked like a person he rubbed his eyes and realised on his chest was the same circle he picked up his axe and gripped it tightly and walked out the room he then uncovered his mask and felt blood dripping from his cheeks, he must of fallen on a sharp twig or rock he placed the mask back on and walked out, "WHY IS MY DOOR PINK, I HATE PINK" yelled someone, Elliot then saw the pink door and a person with a look of anger on his face but as soon as the person who was yelling saw Elliot his face changed and grabbed him and showed the tall figure who he had seen in the woods "Jeff meet are new proxy" "so Jeff's his name is it now" said Elliot surprised "you'll meet more of my proxys later, you'll fit in here don't worry" Jeff grabbed Elliots foot and said "I'll be back in a bit just need to do......something" "where are we going" said Elliot as they were arriving upon a Bush "you see this lady over here this is Jane she's very mean" "I'll hit her hard but she dont look mean" "she's very mean to me" Elliot jumped onto Jane and started to fight her and then went to the idiot also known as Jeff "I hit her hard until she stopped moving" "best fucking kid ever now let's go home" "yay!" Jeff smiled more than he's ever smiled before and sung " were of to go see slendy the wonderful slend- oh fuck" "JEFF"

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