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    He thought about going back he stared towards the city and threw his axe over his shoulder and mumbled "let's see how these fuckers react to an axe in there face...." Elliot stumbled towards the city and came soon upon one of his friends house he knocked on the door while his eyes twitched and smiled creepily "oh hey E-Elliot" his friend ,lisa, said nervously but before she could say anything else Elliot chopped her head of with one swipe he then took the eyes and kidneys because he knew some "people" would like them but all he needed to do was find them "onto the next one" he said whispering this went on until sunset and all he heard were sirens and blue and red lights he hid deep within the trees and in the darkness he then saw a tall figure he squinted his eyes to try and see in the cold mist "who's there" Elliot said pulling his axe out the whispers became louder and Elliot fell on the floor unconscious

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