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    Nurse Ann

    Ann, who was 24 years old, had just started working at an important hospital. Ann was a shy girl and didn't have many friends but she loved to help others then one day at work she met a boy called Sebastian his blue eyes and golden hair got him to break many hearts but Ann knew she would never get someone like that to fall in love with her but she was wrong he confessed his love and gave her a ring. Days later he said "my dear Ann come to the basement", Sebastian grabbed her by her hand and brought her down to the basement the first thing Ann saw were corpses lying on the floor she couldn't count how many but her first move was to run but Sebastian grabbed her tightly "I know the answer my love" he said and then hitting her making her dizzy. While she was dizzy he tied her up on a stretcher, Ann slowly opened her eyes and saw him hold up a knife to her heart "shh you won't feel anything" he said stabbing the knife into her chest hours later Ann woke up it took her a second to remember where she was and what had happened then she realised the corpses were gone she stared at her body she saw the pieces of skin wasn't hers he had replaced them then she heard the door open and put a face or anger on "you look amazing now do it to me and we can live forever", Ann thought it would be disgusting to live with him so she pounced and strangled him until he died with her new body she was stronger then in a room a chainsaw caught her eye so she gripped her hands tightly onto it and cut Sebastians body after that she went to have a shower to drain all the blood from her new body and put on a black nurse outfit wearing long sleeves to hide the stitches and now she was ready for a new day of work

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