Depression and anti-social issues. We all need help.

  • What do you think what could help us people to regain hope or not give up in the first place? Personally I'd say the type of people those are sympathetic and never talk around your back and got a lot of patience. I do not mean the professional people who do this for a living.

  • @rex I don't mean to sound negative, but as a person who was recently diagnosed with severe depression because of being bullied my whole life, I believe there's not much hope left. If you look at where our society has gone and where it's heading things will just keep getting worse and suicide will become a normal thing.

  • @oasis that's right never give up

  • @boujee-babe Although I do agree that looking at the direction the society is headed, things would get worse and suicide would become more frequent, I don't think that there's no hope left. People could be helped. They could be saved. It depends on the person. For some people, a companion is all that's needed and for some people, a more serious therapy is all needed. We should not lose hope. All around me I'm seeing people committing suicide along with people getting helped. Life's not black and white. Just don't lose hope.

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    @Boujee-Babe and @Sir-Devil can you justify your belief that humanity is heading towards the worst. I would love to understand your perspectives since i feel like humanity can only improve from here

    In either way we can all take something from this guy:

    @girlwhois16 This is my favourite comedian and my 3rd favourite philosopher. . The guy i was watching this morning. I have watched 99% of his material and have all his books

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    @sir-devil makes sense but technological advancement means improvement of human civilization. We're eventually going interstellar most likely in the 21st century and that's going to be great.

    Genetic modification is getting easier by the second and we'd eventually be able to improve physical and mental health since a lot of the time genetic factors play into that too and just having a better level of hormonal balance caused by better physical health would help.

    Scientists are working to make the average human lifespan(most likely the average financially well-off human lifespan) reach 1000 and they're saying that the first person to live to 1000/ be able to live to 1000 has most likely already been born.

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    @girlwhois16 said in Depression and anti-social issues. We all need help.:

    @thestrangest I accord with him except how he says that saving the planet isn't important. Yes, I understand the need to save ourselves before anything else. The planet evolves yes, I know. And even in the worst condition, it's going to renew, maybe even better than before.

    I wonder how you are going to follow this up

    But the kind of harm that we're causing it isn't about the planet anymore. It's now about the population that thrives here. How can we not care about that?

    You mean the species on earth.

    You mean the 99% of all species that have ever lived are extinct. We didn't kill them all

    Yes, we are all on the highway to Death but who doesn't want to live a little longer? (Even the guy wishes to live a thousand years more) And by saving the planet by just doing our small bit, we can (I'm not sure but giving it a try won't hurt?).

    I think i already answered this in my previous post

    Also, it's not an argument that I'm starting. .

    It can become one

    Trust me, I can very well contradict my own opinions. I'm just the one to look at possibilities, even if there are a million of them.

    He was making a reference to one of his bits. Not actually performing it. You should wztch it to understand what he was saying

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    @sir-devil said in Depression and anti-social issues. We all need help.:

    @thestrangest What you are saying is assumptions and speculation.

    Maybe but most of what i mentioned will definitely happen. Isn't that improvement in many ways

    It's not confirmed that it could happen.

    Let's see. The trip to mars will 100% happen if we don't go extinct before the end of the 22nd century. Aging will definitely be solved at most by the 23d century because improvements in the search to cure aging are really fast. The ways of Genetic modification have already been created we just need practice. What's left

    When we are talking about these things, things that are prevalent now, we should only use things that are confirmed and supported. Yes, we could be enhanced using Genetic modification but what if, they massively fuck up.

    I doubt that's very likely just because it takes a lot of tests to get a pass to test on humans or finally make genetic modification widespread

    Hell, what if we end up in a post-apocalyptic world with no future.

    AI might do that. But my argument is that i don't think things are more likely to go to shit at least because we're definitely going interstellar.

    Or more realistically, what if no one gives permission to utilize it and some end up doing it which in turns causes the general populace to hate it.

    Religious bullshit might cause that in the US and other religious countries but not every country and when it gets widespread in non-religious countries it will eventually spread to religious ones. This is if religion doesn't generally disappear in the future.

    Are you sure such things won't happen?

    They're unlikely. Being f'd by AI is much more likely

    What if we never attain interstellar?

    It will most likely happen by the end of the 21st century. SpaceX and nasa are planning on reaching mars by 2025

    What if we achieve but it not good and really stressful with a class-based hierarchy?

    That would still be better than being stuck on earth. Who cares about this possibility. Class gaps do not annoy me aslong as everyone gets the basics like a house, food, education and Internet.

    It's more likely to happen than anything.

    Yeh we are differently going to mars

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    @girlwhois16 sure

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    Fuck my life. Here we go again
    @sir-devil said in Depression and anti-social issues. We all need help.:


    It will take around 200-300 years

    That's just a speculation. It might take longer. Then again, 300 years is too long of a time. With the current direction the world is going on, it way too long. There's a lot of chance for many things to go wrong within that time period. I said that it would take more than 200 years but actually, it's just the time required to pump enough CO2 and other stuff to melt its polar ice caps. There's a chance that the artificial atmosphere won't hold up. Even if it holds up, there' nothing one can do about the missing magnetic field.

    500 years would not be much. If going interplanetary on a planet where we can comfortably stay takes 1000 years it would be good enough. My point is that aslong as we move some people to mars even if they can't live there comfortably then we won't go extinct if something bad happens on earth

    Didn't i say " X will happen,.... Y will happen and L will happen ASLONG AS NOTHING HORRIBLY BAD HAPPENS before X date" like a hundred times

    No, you said that things I suggested are unlikely to happen which is in line with my statement.

    I said both. I actually said that atleast 2 times


    WHAT is not confirmed to happen. In my 1st statement i only said "Definitely". We are definitely going to mars, curing aging, becoming able to do advanced genetic modification and what else did i say. As long as nothing horrible happens before the end of the 23rd century all of that will definitely happen

    leaving the possibility of a disaster open along with your statements of nuclear being unlikely. Then when you provided stats and whatever i said k a nuclear disaster isn't too unlikely

    They're unlikely.

    Now you are contradicting yourself.

    Where did i say "They're unlikely" in my previous reply? I did not

    Yeh but anti-vaxxers are rare, right. When it comes to big outcry against something like stem cell research it's always religious people

    Now, this hilarious and sad. They have brought an outbreak of measles which was cured years ago.

    This is sad but doesn't prove that anti-vaxxers aren't rare. Just proves that a significant enough quantity of them exists. How many anti-vaxxers are there

    Do i really have to. This can't be the first time you've heard about religious people opposing embryonic or normal stem cell research. I'm not going to provide statistics you go do your homework. Here's a simple explanation of what's happening

    They oppose stem cell research but are they the major reason for underdevelopment in Stem Cell Research?


    You said that they are holding it back but how?

    Banning government funding in the US for like 10 years, having religious leaders like the pope being against embryonic stem cell research, and still having "religious activists" working against it . Watch the fucking vids I'm not an expert on this shit

    Are they actively preventing or disturbing the research?


    I said that I'm not able to find any source for it. I'm repeating your statement to yourself.

    The videos are notable sources from the first video being a neurologist and philosopher talking about the topic and the others coming from science shows. They all say that about religion. You should fucking watch them instead of asking questions already answered in them. All i know is that government funding was banned for like 10 years for religious motives starting from when G. Bush signed the ban to when Obama lifted it, that there are still protests against the research today, that muslim leaders are against the whole idea of stem cell research and that the pope is against embryonic stem cell research

    You made the statement. You have the burden of proof

    You are contradicting yourself again.

    NO. You do not pull the "burden of proof" card o justify your ignorance on a topic 8/10 adults know about. You are being obnoxious. The videos were generous enough. If you are too lazy to watch them? Good for you. You want text to read? Look for it yourself

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    @thestrangest not to mention that the videos were actually enough

  • @thestrangest said in Depression and anti-social issues. We all need help.:

    Immoral according to religious beliefs. This is a religious reason

    Immoral doesn't mean religion. It means that it doesn't conform to views of morality. You were the one to argue that religion is not necessary for morality.

    This is just not even a reason to not do development of cells and tissue

    That's not a reason to ban funding for research. If anything that means that we needed more reseach to understand how to grow adult tissue. We now know much more and can do things like this :

    This is plain stupid. You are citing an article written in 2016 against a article written in 1998. The point is, how could the people know about this when they are not even able to grow most cells, which makes them think that they are unnecessary which in turn makes them oppose it.

  • @thestrangest said in Depression and anti-social issues. We all need help.:




    How many times should I repeat? We are talking about a period almost 20 years ago. Back then, it wasn't a widespread knowledge that the embryo can't be considered to be life. Back then, in this context, Secular ethics is not much different from Religious ethics. Can't you see the point?! Back then, almost everyone thought that the embryo was just a tiny form of the baby and thus, killing it would be similar to killing a baby. I will repeat again, it was not a widespread knowledge that embryo can't be considered to be a baby. To have that thought, one doesn't need to think that baby has a soul, he just needs to look at that as a tiny baby.

    He thinks that the embryo is a life because of religious reasons like he said "sacred gift from our creator" and the ethics he was holding are religious ethics. Or did you mean burrow of ethics, yeah they also believed it was sacred life and should be preserved because of religious reasons since that's not what scientists stood for at the time and they're not scientists.

    Like I said, I don't have anything on bush's statement

    Do your own research please. It is very known among secularists and scientists that the reason for the ban of funding stem cell research is strictly religious. I was only explaining this to you, it has always been proven

    I have shown you stuff that proved my point that ban was not strictly due to religion. Here's more

    We are stuck in a loop. This is getting nowhere.
    This would be my last. I quit.

  • I've been through it a lot and its a tough experienced. When your depressed you feel lost, you'll become a silent type of person, you can sleep like 12 hours straight without eating or just sleep inside your dark room, and when you tried to talk to someone you feel worst. I mean they don't understand you or either way. But its not helping you at all. The only thing that can help you is you yourself. You have to be strong and stand on your own feet. If your depressed you can go for a walk, drink, jog or exercise, watch movie, or write something in your diaries. Try to do those things that you think will make you fine even though drinking is bad or going to club is bad but doing it is a first step for me. Many people judge me for being a bad girl. Yes I am but actually they don't know I'm depressed. I rather drink and go clubbing than lacking myself inside the room and think about killing myself. Well, as time passes by when maybe your used in doing those bad things you'll realied something worth like I am lost, I have to change, I mean I have to value myself... And those thoughts will awaken you and maybe you'll find your way out of depression. But to tell you honestly depression don't come once. It is in us already. You might be depressed again but you know what to do when it happen next time around. We have to live with it but we must learn to adjust. For as time passes by you'll get stronger ever than before.

    Your soul might be weak but strong enough to withstand depression.

  • @r0din Yap. hehe

  • @oasis yes,depression didnt come at once..for 2 years owing to change of surrounding,moving away from friends ,no internet (yes,that can happen) & hence no people to talk with ,No phone way to share things ...just basic human interaction ..(No i wasnt in juvenile prison ,but sometimes i felt like i was )...I crashed,fell into a deep depression

    i was always so tired ...sleep for 14 hours straight ,yet dont want to get out of bed started to lose its taste ,i started eating spicier food just so that i could enjoy eating

    ..I didnt care how i looked ,didnt take care of keeping fit anymore..

    Started to have low confidence,couldnt even do things that I was doing handily just some months ago,just doubts everywhere...even where i was sure i was right,i got others to double check my results..

    Dealing with other people was the worst,especially relatives, people I knew ... offers of help seemed to worsen things for me.

    Its only when people left me alone ,i got to retreat in my own room(seems different from yours..i just wanted people to leave me alone) ,got onto the internet(a few years later & i had it then) & worked on what i loved ,talked with new people ,that i started to get back to how i was..

    The more I did what i loved -(game creation,stock market,AI,machine learning application ) ,
    Collaborated on projects & talked with people halfway across the world whom i didnt even know ..the more i felt better.
    Strange how people who dont know you,can understand you better .

    Its been a few years ,but I'm okay ...I have managed to work things out,get fit...but the most scariest thing for me in depression was the hit to my self confidence & self-respect.

    Now,I joke,i shitpost i cant even fathom how i was ever that quiet,inconfident person's like a cloud of suffering was on me.

  • @stranger_danger I understand that feeling you felt before. Its so hard. I've been depressed last few months and still in the process of regaining myself again. But Im doing great now. And I'm happy to hear that your doing well because its really not easy to be depressed. Its like hell

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    @thestrangest said in Depression and anti-social issues. We all need help.:

    @megatron said in Depression and anti-social issues. We all need help.:

    @thestrangest i have been diagnosed by many doctors, don’t act like you know everything. How fucking rude.

    Sorry i forgot i was talking to you, thought you were a random teenager

    Hey the people who disliked my statement
    1st must be blind not to not realise that a lot of teens just diagnose themselves with depression as if it's just a synonym for sadness
    2nd can suck my dick 🙂

  • @rex i agree as those type of people are like modern day healers and best people to be friends with

  • @sir-devil ive been sent to a mental hospital ive been through counciling ive tried everything and nothing has changed i still wish i could just end it but i havent

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