How do you find time for everything? Also if you have time how do you spend it?

  • I honestly dont know how people can manage work,family,friends,fun . Im really struggling lately and have to sleep 5 hours a day to manage all and thank god im single . My day is mostly work
    How do you spend yours?

  • I had the same issue and it was so overwhelming for because i didnt see where my time went. A teacher helped me realise thay maybe I need to give everything a time allocation that I love doing. Be it looking at memes, music, sleeping so I can feels less guilty about doing that and get motivated each time I cross it off my list and that motivation makes it easier to do the stuff I dont like.

    Don't be too strict with your schedule, make it flexible and fun. Create the ideal day for you. The "perfect" day and it'll be a fun and easy way of doing all you need to do with less strain on you

  • @PlzNoPervs im just too busy working . Not much free time on my hands

  • @Alireza-iran perhaps you can maximise that little bit of time you have. Find the fun and relaxation in being with your friends/family so you dont have to give each of those their own time. This is possible by just being in that moment, appreciating it and forgetting all the other things that require your time. Enjoy it as if you have all the time in the world.

    And please sir, try aim for 6 hours. 5 is below the recommended minimum. Unless of course you are fully functional and not hindering your performs in any way of life with just 5 hours of sleep.