What do your country's university students do when they spend time with friends?

  • I'm Korean, and university students in Korea don't have many activities to do. Almost all of them go to pc rooms(which is very common in Korea where people can play games), karaoke rooms, cinemas, eat or drink alcohol.
    I got curious about what other country's students do when they spend time with friends.

  • Gamers

    we hiking into the top of mountain

  • @cho6124 we gather together in a group, then go out for eating, pizzas, burgers,etc...and if we r all boys,then we go out and play sports like cricket, football,etc....
    and we also do nightouts sometimes, and when we do nightouts, then boom, after hanging out we do sex in a hotel room...

  • Movies, food, games, sports and most of all pondering about the meaning of life 🤔

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