What exactly is "time"?

  • Is time just the human mind's way of organizing chaotic happenings into a linear fashion?

  • We define things based on what it consists of ? or What it can do?
    or What purpose it serves?

    Time is usually considered to be an ontologically “basic” or primary concept, and not made up of, or dependent on, anything else.

    Therefore one of the logical ways to define time would be by its purpose.

    So, "Time is a unit of measuring frequency of vibration of an atom of a quartz crystal"


    "Time is a unit of measurement of space" eg. Light years distance between planets and stars.

  • Or if we let the scientific point of view aside, we can try to define time by the perspective we have of it.
    But the idea of time differs from individuals to individuals. From that point on searching for a common definition seems to be useless. However if we don't try this approach and only consider scientifical definition, we won get to see how people behave according to their perception of time.
    So then time must be considered like both a basic concept and it subjective perception.
    Don't you think ?

  • "What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know." Saint Augustine

  • Time is both real and unreal.

    P.S. It's inevitable. Now, I'm running out of time. Gotta go to school. Babye!

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