• Show me your watches, TWS.

    In my opinion, wearing a watch is one of life's simple pleasures, and a kind of subtle way of bigging up your personality. And yet ...we keep hearing about how the man-in-the-street, especially millenials, don't wear 'em no more because they're always staring at their mobiles and that's got the time on anyway. My social circle is about fifty-fifty. One of me pals just bought a Tag Heuer, and good luck to him.
    Do you wear a watch? If so, whats your CRITERIA for the brand, design, functionality? Eh? I'm fascinated.
    I try not to change watches too often. Can't remember what I wore at school, except that it was a high-street brand with a VERY luminous face (that was probably deadly radioactive). Then I had a fancy (FANCY), all-singing edition of the Timex Explorer, which I accidentally left around a girls house and never went back for. 2002-2015, I had a more modest Timex Explorer (which I still kinda love).
    But currently, for 'best' weekend watch, I've got a 1959 Vostok (no battery, ideal for the forthcoming apocalypse), and, for work, a Pulsar diver, which WAS fancy, about ten years ago, but is now just modest mouse. It's also got the date on it. Want to know the date? Just ask me. I KNOW THE SECRETS OF TIME ITSELF.

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