• @TalkWìthStranger
    I am tired of showing my real face to everyone who treat as clone and spammer.
    But Spam(S) and Clone(C) laughing at me like "what you can ...." .
    All believe Spam and Clone with his only by smile face. I knew what he has behind of that smile mask. But i can't tell because no one listen me up.
    So i lost all my reputation , friends i earns here to simply filthy Spam +Clone+Horny fakers.
    Now i don't want to waste my time with this foolish people of S.C.H beliver😑😶

  • Banned

    Where are u going, I am here brother. Only for you. We will have fun.

  • @iambucky
    Oh man
    That's past of me(complete good)
    I evolved Buddy