• Alright my girl aka baby mama and I are having our first baby and I have not enjoyed pregnancy it's been all miserable. I bend over backwards clean everything and buy flowers for her daily I tell her how beautiful she is daily and literally do everything she says with multiple foot rubs. Now what's frustrating me is she will not cuddle with me or touch stomach, we have not had sex even though she is always horney before and always talks about sex but I never see or hear it from her. She just recently told me after pregnancy she wants to date someone else does that mean she has been having sex with another man while pregnant with our baby because the conception date coicides with our three week island vacation I saved for our honeymoon. If not cheating is it a legit feeling to feel resentful due to missing out on experiences that come with pregnancy?

  • Seek a professional counselor.
    It will cost you but the advice will be better than here and you might end up saving your relationship.

  • I think it could very much be her hormones. Many women get mood swings while pregnant. I would say, you are trying your best to be a good man to her by being there. I would suggest to bring it up to her about how it's making you feel. Hope this helps

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