"Keylogger 👾 ", your device may have this!

  •                             KEYLOGGERS 

    Keyloggers, is a pretty common way used by hackers to get credentials & personal texts.probably your device have this!!

    Keylogger records the keys you pressed on your device & sends the data(logs) to the host.

    Basically there are few keylogger available :

    • Software keylogger : This happens when you install malicious application from unauthorized developer/websites.Can be mostly found in pirated games. Sometimes the Antivirus doesn't detect them.

    • USB keylogger : A keystroke logging USB/Dongle would be injected in your Device. It Will record the keys pressed and make a log of all pressed keys.

    • Keylogger Module in keyboards : A module fit inside your keyboard can store data and may send that to the host. This may happen if you things from suspicious stores. Somehow it's not very common. So relax.

    • Wireless keyboards : the wireless keyboards are somehow more at risk if they are targeted using a unencrypted signal and the host may get your logs using something that intercept the Frequency from keyboard.

    "If you believe you are targeted by someone then use Virtual keyboard" While entering credentials."

    Also : Android device can be only targeted using software based Keylogging. By installing unauthorized applications.


    I don't know if anyone care or not, I just wanted to make people aware. Please ignore grammar mistakes.

    Hit 🔼 if this helped you :)))

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  • @AXES I really don't have idea about it, but I know something that's very very rarely used, all keys on our keyboard sounds(Audio signals) are different, I know this might sound weird but we don't feel it. There is a way ( it's called acoustic Keylogger) it just records the sound of keys pressed on our keyboard and after processing them it just sends it to them host/attacker.

    • Check this GitHub repo for more information

    It's very rarely used.

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    Newuser, the latest I heard is, they are now able to track Keylogging through the AC power of PC units. It has been confirmed by Miltary that it has been done. Nothing seems safe no more, but I wonder how they getting that info from AC power source?

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    yes, I heard that before too. they activate the mic on the pc, or local cell phone.. agree. I was thinking, the power issue reading, might be a slight change in voltage spikes. but, how? they would have to place a very sensitive sniffer, for a long time to determin key and voltage.. that is so insane.

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    NewUser, we need to forget all this, and you design the FluxCapacitor Diagram, and I will build it bro. That will fix all the issues.. hahaha.. more money more money.. ooh, losing myself in all the soldier smoke.. yikes.

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