"A Near-Death Experience of A Sweetheart"

  • Music Lovers

    Floating through a corridor between two different Worlds
    among white fluffy clouds and shimmering stars awhile wind unfurls
    racing into darkness: destination to death's door
    living in a heavenly kingdom ... forevermore ...

    Traveling through deep tunnel as cold fingers touch
    walls of blackened essence creating thoughts to clutch
    quickly toward a bright white light of peace
    my soul and spirit being experienced soft release ...

    Rushing to a Paradise, landing on streets of gold
    seeing the Face of God so clearly to behold
    longing to embrace my dear departed family
    loved ones who had gone before to their final destiny ...

    Their captivating smiles excited my soul
    sharing love once more as was in their earthly roll
    but a huge white Angel stood between my track
    he spoke mentally "child of God you must go back.

    And yet, I was not sad but happy to have seen
    my precious treasured relatives cuddled by Supreme Being
    why? I questioned must I return to Planet Earth?
    Angel responed not your time to stay
    your purpose unfulfilled for God to cherish every day ...

    Suddenly transported through the tunnel smelling flowers
    a jorney taking minutes but feeling like hours
    and soon the sights and sounds ignited quiet hospital room
    while my loved ones endured possibility of doom ...

    My husband was squeezing my hand so tight I felt his love
    as my children sobbed so loud praying to above
    my eyes opened wide as I inhaled a breath
    escaping to my body while I avoided Death ...

    This near-death experience was an inspiration
    for another realm exists in utter fascination
    for now the message lives to enjoy both love and life
    have no fear for death is harmless and erases strife ...

    Hover close to God and always give Him thankxxx
    through trials and tribulations He relieves all angst
    Treasure every moment and anticipate the end
    a beutiful place is waiting reuniting family and friends ...

    Kisses and hugs replaced those solitary tears
    knowing what lies ahead extinguishes all fears
    please celebrate the gift of life in grateful attitude
    Eternity is awesome with unending interlude ...