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    My takeaway is that you're pursuing a long-term relationship with someone who's not ready to commit due to deep-seated mental issues. Are you emotionally equipped and willing to take this arrangement for what it is rather than what you want it to be? Everything that you've mentioned till now seems to be indicative that you aren't. Keep in mind that there's no quick fix, and the situation isn't going to change overnight (if it ever does), so you can either adjust your expectations or leave while you still are on good terms.

    She informed me of a guy that he manager at her job is trying to hook her up with and she told me she wasn't interested but because of the no official " label" of her and I she tells the dude she isn't interested in dating him. But the guy is persistent and keeps showing up to her work and texting her and because we aren't really official but she basically treats my like a significant other Im in a position where I don't really have any say over the whole thing.

    Your ladyfriend's acquaintance refuses to leave her alone even though she's manifestly turned him down (saying you're not interested should be enough for someone to back off, mind you, no need to make clear you already "belong to" another guy). This is not a call for you to step in like a knight armed with jealousy. She should reach out to HR or get the authorities involved.

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  • RE: Girls, what kind of guys drive you crazy?

    Hello little one.

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  • RE: As far as heterosexuality goes, I can live without it

    @TM I guess this is my fault for allowing myself to get caught in a semantic argument. The word 'natural' has several field-specific meanings, none of which are pertinent to this context. If you decide to switch the standard definition for one of your own preference ('according to, or preserving the earliest structure of an object', instead of 'happening in nature, as opposed to man-made'), you must make it known beforehand, in order to prevent equivocation. Besides, by picking that particular meaning, you've managed to categorize mutations and the entirety of human evolution as 'unnatural', which perhaps wasn't the effect you intended.

    Dick is for the pussy like key and lock but noooo you want dicks to enter where the shit goes out ! You want the pussies to rub eachother ! You want to kill reproduction

    As for that, sex (or genital rubbing, as you would describe it) has other purposes than reproduction, including but not limited to building intimacy, finding pleasure or stress relief, or exerting dominance. You are well within your rights to believe that our (only) purpose in life is to continue the human lineage, but that's incredibly reductive, and, dare I say it, fucking sad.

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  • RE: Some of my wisdom, Part 1 of 12

    You may survive jail but bro has his belt and got the power like 50 from new year 1st sidequest😭😭

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  • RE: As far as heterosexuality goes, I can live without it

    @TM Kindly walk me through your thought process, as I can't imagine what led you to such conclusion (I'm definitely not reading an entire wiki article on the subject).

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  • Opening the year in style

    December is usually a season of celebrations, thanksgiving and lots of prayers as we evaluate the old year and set resolutions for the new year. There're a number of concerts, parties and several performances held at different venues across the country. Yesterday was the ultimate day and as midnight found most of us home,😅 some determined ultra legends opted to wait the minute in parties or whatsoever. People did celebrate wildly and it was a common sight finding torpedo helmets scatted at entertainment spots today. The new year is here and again the cycle restarts so keep safe.

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  • RE: As far as heterosexuality goes, I can live without it

    @TM The point is that 'natural' means ocurring in nature, as opposed to manmade. You don't get to redefine words in order to back up your argument. Just because a behaviour deviates from the mainstream trend it doesn't make it intrinsically 'unnatural' or 'immoral'.

    behaviour of their species that turn out to be straight by default for over than 90% so it is a proof of minor sexual activity

    That's factually incorrect. Male giraffes, for instance, have been shown to engage more in homosexual intercourse than heterosexual. Both male and female bonobos are bisexual, and 60% of their sexual activity happens between two or more females. Truth is, animal sexuality is much more diverse than you consider it to be.

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  • RE: Story time🙂🙂🙂

    @NothingnessR05 I was just holding my beer😂

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  • RE: Sex advice please

    You can take matters into your own hands😂

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