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    I just looked at their privacy policy, it seems to be okay, if they are honest. They say they are using encryption, but they don't say what standard. They claim that they have a no-log policy and that they only collect basic app analytics and browser/system make. They claim that they do not store your real IP or sell any data to third parties.

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  • All VPN Are Not Created Equal


    How shall we differentiate free VPNs from paid VPNs? Are there any real differences? Yes, there are many significant differences. Many users would prefer a free VPN, so they should understand the ramifications of using a free VPN vs. using a premium paid VPN service.

    The number and types of sites that are unlocked through a free VPN Service are limited compared to paid VPNs. Free VPNs are usually featureless and have no settings that you can change. Free VPNs are not reputable and often have very weak privacy agreements, if any at all.

    Free VPNs are not free; something has to pay the bills. Interesting to consider that your information gathered could be sold to pay the bills. Global business providers almost always use paid VPN services (if they have a system administrator that has any technical education); as you will soon find out, these businesses are using a paid VPN for excellent reasons.


    Free VPNs are best implemented for short-term use or testing purposes, but if you are looking for long-term use, you certainly should look for a Paid VPN service. If you do use a free VPN, you should probably (strongly advise against this) not log in to your private accounts, thereby submitting personally identifying information and your passwords, banking or credit card information, address, etc. to the VPN company.


    If you fall for the lure of free VPNs for long-term use, forget about your privacy. As per the research, most free VPNs are found to collect their users’ data and sell it to third party companies and, even worse, the DARKNET. On the other side of the coin, a reputable paid VPN service will give you 100% privacy, not compromising their customers’ data.


    As per the Zero-log Policy, VPN services are bound to not collect or share your data to authorities or any government agencies. Free VPNs will not offer the No-log policy, but reputable paid VPN Services, such as Nord VPN, will include a 100% No-log policy.


    Free VPNs= many annoying ads. Paid VPNs= NO ADS.
    If you go with the free VPN services, you will find your bandwidth is throttled, but paid VPNs will never block or control your bandwidth.

    Paid VPN services follow the strict HTTPS browsing policy; hence everything a user searches for, or websites that they visit will be encrypted using the 256-bit AES encryption protocol; NORD VPN uses next-gen encryption, and even takes it a step further with IKEv2/IPsec [which], "significantly increases security and privacy of the user by employing very strong cryptographic algorithms and keys. NordVPN uses NGE (Next Generation Encryption)

    Why does this matter, you could be asking at this time? This matters because in the event of an attack, the attacker (hacker) will not be able to crack or track the user’s information. To be fair, some free VPNs offer 100% HTTPS encryption, but many do not, and fewer still use NGE (Next Generation Encryption).


    Free VPN Services will either offer you access to the internet through a limited amount of servers or, usually, just one server per country. If you wish to access the internet through multiple servers (NORD VPN has 5500 server locations around the world), you need to get a Paid VPN Service, thereby greatly increasing your connection speed.


    As we discussed earlier, Free VPNs throttle bandwidth, this dramatically decreases your internet speed. In contrast, if you have opted for a Paid VPN Service, you will quickly notice the vast difference in speed. The old saying, “you get what you pay for” comes to mind for some reason. With that in mind, NORD VPN is now rated the fastest VPN with their exclusive LYNX technology


    Free VPN services often have data-cap limitations, so you will only get 300–500 MB data for a 24-hour time period (as an example). Paid VPN services, on the other hand, will allow access without any limitations: UNLIMITED.


    You can connect multiple devices (NORD VPN standard plans allow for six connected devices) when you opt for a paid VPN service. However, free VPNs will usually only allow you to connect one device at a time.
    No customer support will be offered with most free VPNs, but if you have a premium VPN service, you will get instant support for any complaint.


    FREE VPNs are very limited in features and unsafe for long-term use. You should certainly make a move to a paid VPN unless you don’t care about privacy, security, and anonymity. For long-term repeated use, free VPNs are incredibly UN-secure, and your data is VERY subject to being sold to third party companies, INCLUDING the DARKNET.

    If you do care about little things, such as your password or debit card information not getting sold to the highest bidder, then you must get a paid VPN service within your budget range. Today, most VPN services offer free trials, and with free VPN trials, you are allowed a 100% refund if not satisfied with the results within the time of the trial period (typically 30 days).


    You don't need to take my word for it, please follow up with your own research to confirm what has been shared in this post, which I have updated from my own personal technology blog.

    Here are a few links to confirming articles, in addition to the articles linked within this post.


    ...we generally advise against the use of free VPNs.

    The reason is simple – many of them simply sell your data to 3rd party advertisers.

    And this defeats the whole purpose of having a VPN in the first place.

    But there’s more:

    1. Many free VPN services are not transparent about how they make money from you using their services; in most cases, when you’re not being sold a product you are most likely the product.

    2. Most free VPNs simply sell your data to affiliated/partnered companies or to the third party who is willing to pay the most.

    3. Some free VPNs have gotten caught using shady practices like injecting ads, referring affiliate traffic and more (more info can be found on the CSIRO research and FTC complaint against a free VPN).
    This article lists 13 popular free VPN services that all have privacy concerns.



    Key Findings

    • Apple and Google are allowing numerous extremely popular but potentially unsafe free VPN apps to remain in their app stores.

    • The companies have ignored formal advice regarding the apps that continue to pose a privacy risk after previously being identified in two widely-reported VPN investigations.

    • We are making public in this report the substance of that advice to help free VPN users avoid compromising their privacy.

    • 77% of apps identified as potentially unsafe in our VPN Ownership Investigation still pose a risk.
      ⸰ That report revealed nearly 60% of popular free VPN apps were secretly
      ⸰ Chinese-owned and that nearly 90% had serious privacy flaws..
      Downloads: over 210 million total (Play); 3.8 million per month (App Store)

    • 74% of apps identified as potentially unsafe in our Free VPN Risk Index still pose a risk.
      ⸰ That report showed 85% of 150 Android apps tested to have unsafe permissions or functions; and that
      ⸰ 25% exposed users via DNS, WebRTC or IP leaks.
      ⸰ Downloads: 518 million installs from Play – up from 260 million in six months.
      ⸰ 80% of the top free VPNs in the App Store are also in breach of Apple’s data sharing ban, our analysis shows.



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  • G👁️👁️GLE - Modern Day Empire


    Hello TWS users, let's chat a bit about the strange company that Google LLC has become, shall we?

    Google, once an internet search engine company, now owns the vast majority of the search engine market, 90%, and tracks users on around 86% of fifty thousand most popular websites. That's big money. They are so rich and powerful that they routinely brush off multi-billion dollar fines as if pesky mosquitoes buzzing the ear. One can hardly finish learning of the latest scandal generated by said company without another popping up like a game of unethical Whac-A-Mole.


    Web tracker survey taken in 2019

    Ironic that the company who once admonished the world: "Don't be evil", has in turn done so much evil themselves. Consider them letting the security forces that keep them safe in their fancy office buildings go homeless due to insufficient pay in the Silicon Valley area, for example. Does that sound like a company that cares about people?

    Find that surprising? Don't, because double standards are the norm at Alphabet Inc./Google LLC. Let's take a closer look at some of the things that Google is into these days and make a few wild assumptions, just for the fun of it.

    I am indeed more than a little irritated with Google, as are millions of others. This especially after the search giant took it upon themselves to dictate truth to the world; dishing out search results that they deem relevant (supposedly), rather than the actual information one is searching for, regardless of how precise one's search terms are.

    Because of Google's non-stop meddling, information that used to be easy to find now becomes a frustrating exercise in futility, searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Their search engine algorithm manipulations, which they falsely claim makes their search tool better, is actually about making them rich; serving up search results subtly suited for the individual user; all this in hopes that one will click on something that will make them money, like the good little automatons they wish us to be.


    Google has its hands all over the A.I. field. They are leading researchers and developers of artificial intelligence. This should be a good thing, considering how much money and resources that they can afford on such a quest. However, taking into account the twisted and hypocritical ways of Google's seedy past, I don't feel too good about the 'Search Company Gone Wild' having a monopoly on artificial intelligence, along with most everything else. They are even taking it upon themselves to develop "Ethical Principles" for AI systems. Nothing unusual about one of the most unethical companies in the world creating the ethical laws of AI systems, nothing at all. In fact, it fits in perfectly with Google's hypocritical ethical history. Google, the company that tells us not to be evil and in almost the same breath secretly sets out to create custom search engine technology to enable communist China to more efficiently track and oppress its citizens, while simultaneously censuring their internet.

    In 2013 Google acquired several advanced robotics companies, including one of the most advanced humanoid military robotics companies around, Boston Dynamics, and it appeared that our Google overlords were intent on creating real-life terminators. However, fortunately for us, Andy Rubin, the vice president of engineering who ran the effort, called Replicant, left Google in 2014 after harassment allegations. Because of this their Death Robot plans were delayed and fizzled, ending with many of the companies being sold off. However, Google soon revamped its robotics division and still continues to develop advanced robotics for our future. I wonder if they will spy on us while they are doing our housework presumably free of charge?

    Google is throwing a lot of money at quantum computing, to put it lightly. When Google throws money at something, that tells me that they very much want to twist the technology to their own selfish desires. I strongly doubt at this point that they do anything for the common good of humanity, HBU? An efficient quantum computer will be a game-changer; with Google employing some of the best social engineering tactics ever; capable of pretending to be our friends whilst scanning our email for data mining purposes, as well as stealing everyone's Wi-Fi network information with their Google Earth vans; these considerations make it difficult to believe that Google LLC will use the ultimate code-cracking capabilities of an advanced quantum machine to keep us safely tucked in at night.


    Google has a venture now to solve the problem of death. Yes, Google wants to be immortal; they want to rule the world and all its data, becoming gods of the new age. I am only half-joking. Large amounts of money are funneled into research to slow down, and ultimately, arrest the aging process. That is not the only medical branch of Google's seemingly endless conquest of everything. They also want to start an international DNA database. Google wants that ultimate information source--our DNA.


    If you're like me, this begins to paint a disturbing picture indeed, this also seems to support the muse that Google wants to 'rule the world.' By combining A.I. machine learning with quantum computing technology and advanced robotics; factor in their solving of death obsession, then complete the thought by pondering their shark grin desire to take part in developing an international DNA database--it all clearly spells out: world domination as our immortal masters.

    Sitting here now, thinking about Google owning most of the known internet, their wishy-washy business ethics, their questionable intentions, extreme wealth, and their influence over governments. I begin to realize: It's only a matter of time before they set loose the first swarm of Quantum A.I. Enhanced Super Soldiers (complete with Google analytics, of course) to begin their worldwide coup.



    Google Is Tracking You On 86% Of The Top 50,000 Websites On The Planet

    Google dominates search. But the real problem is its monopoly on data

    How did Google become the internet's censor and master manipulator, blocking access to millions of websites?

    Five Times Google Was Caught Red Handed on Bias and Censorship

    How Google Tries To Buy Government

    How Google Influences the Conversation in Washington
    Google has spent more money on lobbying in the past two years than any other company

    How Google Interferes With Its Search Algorithms and Changes Your Results

    Google Manipulates Search Results, Former Engineer Shockingly Confirms

    Google it - The Crippling Truth Engine


    Google admits collecting Wi-Fi data through Street View cars

    Google Exec Finally Admits to Congress That They're Tracking Us Even with 'Location' Turned Off

    Can Google Solve Death? Time article,9171,2152422,00.html

    The 8 Companies Behind Google's Robot Army

    Google Manipulates Search Results, Former Engineer Shockingly Confirms

    Google scans 25 million books and makes them available for download as PDF files without any permission or compensation for their authors or legal copyright holders


    Google’s secret ‘Dragonfly’ project is a major threat to human rights

    Google Employees Uncover Ongoing Work on Censored China Search

    Google employees aren’t convinced that Dragonfly is dead

    How Google is Communist China's collaborator

    Google's Work with China Eroding US Military Advantage


    Google showed us the danger of letting corporations lead AI research

    Google cancels A.I. ethics panel after uproar

    A top Google exec pushed the company to commit to human rights. Then Google pushed him out, he says.


    Google and Microsoft Want Your DNA NOW!

    Google offshoot has access to's DNA database

    Google, the NSA & DHS are creating a global DNA database

    Why does Google want your DNA


    Google fined 10 billion for antitrust violations but little has changed

    Google will pay a $ 3.8 billion fine! Here are the details

    Google fined record $5 Billion by EU over illegal app practices

    Google faces $5 billion lawsuit in U.S. for tracking 'private' internet use

    Google Fined $1.7 Billion by E.U. for Unfair Advertising Rules

    Google Is Fined $170 Million for Violating Children’s Privacy on YouTube

    Google fined €50 million for GDPR violation in France

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    @kevinschepis I was surprised that India is number four

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    alt text

    SOMALIA vs USA Military Comparison Statistics

    alt text


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  • Military Comparison List of the United Nations 2021 posted in Countries

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