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  • If you wonder, what I feel, Anna.

    Dearest Anna

    I hope this open letter will be on your way. It might not make any sense, how and why we both suddenly "find similarities". There is no need to make such questions.

    All i want to say, there are some lost pieces that i find when i am around you. You feed my ego, you treat me the way that i can not do to anyone. I cant lie, it is different feeling. You feel insecure because you think you are ugly? For me, your good looking will be my last priority. You feel that you are unwanted? I want you. You dont believe me? I gave you two songs that you perhaps did not understand, but yes it is kind of journey that feel with you.

    I am waiting you to be here, for no matter how long it takes. I am with you for whatever conditions you have. You have concern about Judy? I left all about her behind. The time when i confessed you how i feel and the time when i asked your permissions to "have the feelings", and you granted that, thats enough to make a new story. Lets just put Judy aside, she was my stories, my painful stories that i never reached ending.

    Anna i love you, the time when i said it, it is truly how i feel. This will be my last post. Please come back, not for them, just for me. If this TWS is hella toxic and you cant handle your emotions here, I AM WITH YOU. Lets find another way to make a way.
    Anna, i love you. The time when you let me in, you let me feel how small talk between us reduce my headache.
    Anna, i love you. The time when you count on me. It is like i am your partner, a good friend, a great companion, and it makes me feel comfortable. It feels like I am a man that can be your companion.
    Anna, i love you. The way you say out loud how you cant do "this and that" with your innocent side. The way you appreciate yourself.
    Last, Anna, i love you. I feel lonely and broken. I miss something that i value from you. It feels like my precious thing has been gone and no one can be like you.

    P. S. There are 2 versions of that song. The original one, it was made to show how painful, he was, coz his first love married someone else. His name is Bebi Romeo. At the end, they rekindled everything and he proposed to her, converted to be Muslim and married since 2004 till now 🙂
    Wishing you hear me now 🥺

    posted in Confessions
  • RE: What can poor life do now?

    @sania-sus This happens to be the wholesome truth my dear.. We can only be the mute audience amidst the brute show life has offered, for the decisions/choice we made..

    posted in Life Lessons
  • RE: Movies suggestions

    Everything, Everywhere All At Once
    12 Monkeys
    Children Of Men
    Under The Skin

    Slightly off-topic, I'm unfamiliar with Cronenberg's body horror, so if anyone could watch Crimes of the Future and let me know if I should spare myself a cinema ticket, I'd be forever grateful.

    posted in Questions & Answers from Strangers

    I want u
    I need u
    I wuv u
    🤣 heavy rotation

    posted in Music Lovers
  • RE: TM Opinion about TWS .

    @danii let him be danii 🤣 he does not even know what you were talking about.

    posted in Discuss Anything
  • RE: TM Opinion about TWS .

    @the-mods said in TM Opinion about TWS .:

    @whatasimp18 Bro as far as I know DaNii she's a smart girl not dumb ,

    True, she is smart af. She even speaks gibberish which i never learned before

    She said " In your holy papers " from what I understand and know we say " scriptures " or " holy book " Ive seen it mockery from what I know moreover her question was about the return of jesus I guess 🤔 ..

    Mockery? As if what? Why do you feel it is mocked you? She just tried to make such statements, you can directly argue her if you think it is not proper.

    there is not 1 single verse in Quran talking abt that but only In some hadiths and islamic books and I said that to her but all she was trying to prove is that muslims believe that jesus is the savior not muhammad and that's silly cz Jesus in our religion is a muslim like all prophets , 2nd No verse mentions he or other prophet will return 3rd She could have searched the Internet if she's interested in any religion and she could have read hundreds of articles available and books and stuff .. you know what I mean ?

    Do you think she knows about Quran and Hadith the way we do? Like we learn that religion since we were born, we grew up with it, we knew all of stories of those things. She is fucking clueless, you just try to debate and be "harsh" to her in the way i think it is unnice and unwise. She perhaps can read it online like you said, but who the fuck will verify that kind of words/statements? You? Huh? Who?

    posted in Discuss Anything
  • RE: TM Opinion about TWS .

    @the-mods she never had such kind of intentions as far as i know DaNii since i first met her. She is curious about Islam, there was no intentions to do your "false accusations" based on your judgement.

    You perhaps had no experience but she was in details, ask about "fasting, praying, how come muslim cope with that regulations, the reasons we dont eat pork, or even why a man shall be circumcised (she asked it to Zoob) that time. There is no need to be like that if you disliked that kind of questions. You can move away, rather than you insult her 😂

    I want to say, i dislike it. DaNii is not a muslim, you shall not do that to her.

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  • RE: I'm a can of person that like girls but just continue

    @danii 🤔 do you want to know the fact or what?

    posted in Discuss Anything
  • RE: You are free to type anything you want.

    @ashish_ i will say this to Anna.

    Anna, after your graduation as high school student, can we have a moment? Like i want to visit Grampian's National Park. Watching stars together 😁 Having a candle light dinner then making sure you get a gift from me~. Getting a ticket concert together. And many things i have on my head.

    So, will you give me a chance to grow old with you for next and future life together? 😉 yes! I like you since first

    posted in Discuss Anything
  • RE: TM Opinion about TWS .

    @the-mods perhaps we can try to have a good control first. By starting insult someone's curiosity or question, you perhaps set a fire to do something you never imagine.

    I dont want to say they are all same, but we can have such examples like the time when DaNii and Anna asked about Islam and you insulted them? Why the hell you do that? 🤔

    Just because they have knowledge about it, instead of insulting, you perhaps can make them understand your point. I had such disagreements too about your statements, but that time i was kind of IDGAF person.

    posted in Discuss Anything

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