• Hi, my name is Daemian, and this is my topic. I took a different route on the whole internet chat and decided if someone just need to talk or needs an opinion or plain advice I could try and resolve it for them. Boredom is the main reason for my post, since I gotta be up for the next 16 hours, this is basically killing that time. Fell free to ask anything.

  • @anele-ntenjwa I'd get my degree in accounting and minor in the other. I'm a graphic designer and getting into the design field is incredibly tough. You can't go in thinking you might be good at it you must be great. I'd like to tell you follow your dreams and who knows you might be great at it but I'd get my accounting degree just in case. "Good Luck"

  • This post is deleted!

  • @anele-ntenjwa Well, have you tried accounting jobs yet, they may not sound that much interesting as the latter, but still can be a good experience. As for management, you can try few courses to get a certificate for it, many job offers do actually approve those. In a nutshell, you really should follow your own heart, cause you may be stuck in a workplace for the rest of your life that is not suitable for you and basically won't be happy. I'd try a bit of everything before making that big of a decision.

  • @anele-ntenjwa I'd try and look for a job like studio designer consultant or bookeeper, cause you'd be working with a mix of everything you like and plus use your experience as an accountant.

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