I am sharing my problems about my life abroad.I need advice. I miss family.

  • I live away from my family not in my home country I live here as I am working here.

    I come from a country whose passport is not really strong so I am abroad to get my passport but that will be given after 5 years of staying in this country abroad. Right now only 1 year has passed so far.

    I don't like to wake up at 9 and work till 5. Life seems tough to me as this is my first job. But the company I am working is very big. One of the big 4 accounting firms. But I am technology person.

    What should I do. I miss my family especially parents and siblings as they r getting older and I am not with them.

    What can I do. Financial contribution? Should I keep working hard? I m 24 and single. How can I enjoy my life?

  • If you believe you can get good job like that then just go back to your family, if not, then go hard, struggle, make money, contact them through phone, after those 5 years go back to see them

  • @sarah you don't have to survive you have to live. Enjoy your life take a break. We will have what we are destined for

  • @zoobie how to live and how to take break?

  • The way i see it you have 2 options:
    A) Go home and be with your family: Since you are a technology person and have experience working abroad any high level tech company will definitely take you. Its easier teaching tech people business than the other way around. So if you decide to go home you will earn money and have a good family life, but this will not help further your ambitions of getting a stronger passport and doing what ever you want to do.

    B) Stay there and fight. : What ever you are working for, which needs a stronger passport if a big deal, and will help you and your family in longer run. Right now you are feeling homesick its pretty common, you should take some time off from work go visit your family and be back. These 5 years of your life will either make you or break you. Keep working hard. Working 9-5 6 days a week can be pretty hectic, get a boyfriend or at least an acquaintance it will definitely make your life easier and more enjoyable.

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    Hi Sarah,

    Your family will always be a part of you, that won't change. 9 to 5 work is hard wherever you are. The thing is, your family and siblings are probably also in a transitionary part of their lives as well, starting families, careers... you're not alone in having to learn to cope with that distance, whether you left or not.
    Try to think positive... what's something you always wanted to try? And try it! And then get your friends and family on skype and tell them about it. Don't miss out on the developments in your life to watch theirs

  • @sarah
    Hi Sarah!
    Its good to hear that your heart is longing for your family. Keep that feeling within and never let go of you. The problem you face is quite natural. I could definitely relate your situation to mine about 3 years back. I know it's difficult to live and work in a foreign country all alone. But even though you live so far, you could reach home within a day or few hours probably (guessing 10-12). It's quite funny coz for me it takes 2 days to reach home although living in the same country.

    My advice to you will be.... DON'T GIVE UP. When you left your home and came to India, everyone in your family were happy for you and your future but sad too, coz you had to go far away from them. But no one stopped you becoz of that reason. They have strong faith and hopes from you that whatever you do in your life as an independent woman will help you grow strong. Fighting hardships at times seems frustrating but once you are above it you will cherish those hard times. Of course it's always wise to look forward for better opportunities and not to grab one is utter foolishness. So, keep working hard and keep looking for better opportunities to grow in life. And don't forget that the same opportunity may even exist in your own country.

    Now to enjoy life...!! LIVE !! When you work, work for the company and when you don't work... LIVE for yourself. Best way to enjoy is to spent time with good friends. Even one is enough, but a good one. So, be happy, worry less and LIVE.

    Good luck..!!


  • Hi Sarah
    i hope this help. One of my teacher once told us when we were freaking about exams, that our life is a journey...we do not know whose journey takes whom where...or what is at the end of the journey...but the best way to make this journey is to enjoy it.

  • @sarah follow your heart Sarah work is not that impoten some family is

  • Sarah if u miss ur family and u go there for some reason just find a that type of love with other people like make friends and spend ur spare time with them and if u like u share ur sorrows with them because only friends understand other one friend problems
    ........... These are my words I think it will help u

  • @sarah I will get back to you on this. Write now in work

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