• Hello.
    (English is not my first language)
    I was friend with this guy from my work, he confessed his love to me but I told him I just want to be friend. Nevertheless his feeling didn't change only grew stronger. I liked his company so we used to hung out go grab a bite together, chat etc. He grew up on me and I started liking him. Some problems happened in my work and I left, I got depressed and stopped talking to many people including him, i even blocked him on social media, thinking he was related to the problemsat work. Time passed around 2 years then he sent me a text telling me that he missed me, that he still love me, and that he used to call me from different phone numbers to only hear my voice then cut the line. So I confessed to him too and tell him that I had feelings for him but I was affraid it won't work. We started chatting again and virtually dating . I was happy, but when we scheduled a date to finally meet he stopped talking to me 2 days before the date, he apologize for that and told me he was busy, the second time he did the same thing i was so upset with him so I blocked him. He sent me a text from another number he apologized to me and tell me how much he care and love me, but everytime we are about to meet he freak out and got scared and that he need to work on that.
    It's being more than a week now. What do you people think about this, and what should I do?

  • Virtual dating doesn't work. its too difficult. There are a lot of uncertainties. If you guys are serious and want to give it a try atleast try to meet up once or twice a week. If not I don't think its worth spending the time and energy.

  • @Nimo24 In all honesty I think just leave him. I know that is harsh, but I highly reccomend it, don't waste your energy. He sounds like a douche.
    What I mean is, he's promising you things, then cancelling last minute. On top of the cancelling, he's very adamant in saying he loves you even when he's failed you three times (correct me if I'm wrong on that, I may have misread things). I think you should run from the relationship, it's not worth your energy. He'll only emotionally drain you by leading you on like that. Virtual dating is hardly worth it, there are way better fish in the sea. From my experience as a virtual-dater, real-life relationships are much better. Do as you'd like, but I'd say drop him girlie.