• This is about my cat and now I am totally devastated and clueless.i have seen her with another male cat 2 months back and probably have mated. She's been sick for the past couple days, vomiting, loss of appetite and she was eating from another house in our neighborhood so we thought it would've been an episode of food poisoning or whatever. We also suspected that she would be pregnant as she was tired. Two days back she was bleeding from her private part (vaginal area) and the other day I saw her spraying on the wall overall we concluded that she might be going to labor but she didn't. She clearly doesnt seem like having a baby bump/developed breasts.
    She is not bleeding anymore but she is eating less only if compelled until today in the morning she ate almost more than half of the plate but she seemed to be tired evening but she didnt ate anything probabaly she would have ate something from neighborhood (as she always do)

  • @Jennifer-West Eating from places "around the neighborhood?" Sounds like you must let the cat out, so where you live they must not have the common Leash Laws. The cat needs to be seen by a Vet. then there'll be no head scratching or guessing what could be wrong, if anything. You'll know. And if it's not serious the Vet should be able to help, either with medication, minor surgery, whatever is called for.

  • @Lazz She always goes to our neighbor's house they feed her well. We don't have a vet anywhere near and my father doesn't like cats so we cannot let her live inside but she is living in our compound. My family is being ignorant of this situation and I don't have a carrying kennel so as to take her to vet which is far enough. But she doing well today even though there seem a small amount of blood in her private area shes hungry and eating well

  • @Jennifer-West Hopefully whatever it is will soon pass, on it's own, then. Good to hear the cat is seemingly some better today. I'm not a real "cat fan" but I feel for any person OR animal who may be in pain, or suffering from some kind of illness. Much luck for a speedy recovery

  • @Lazz You are a kind person. It means a lot to me. Bless you