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  • Usually, when it's a dystopia type of world building, there's some world variables in which 'cause affiliation to assert and maintain that power, usually stemming from systematic corruptions and beliefs over multi-generations. Not simply some rulers whom decide "all life should be misery" or "I had a bad childhood, so now let the world burn to ash."

    Let's view "Handmaid's Tale", "1984", "Brave New World", "The Water Thief" as some examples.
    Each of the power regime within these dystopia storytelling arise to power in manners that are fearful due to it's close encounter with real history.

    The ideas that each regime promotes, why they perform atrocities, stem from reasons of control of the parties, reasonable due to world-building forehand.
    Such ideas as "women are only valued in their ability to reproduce" (Handmaid).
    or "all memories are subjective, truth is what is recorded, truth is what regime define." (1984)

    In short, dystopia, the issues or miseries within them stem from actual reasons other than "some people just wants to see the world burn." One could write all the atrocity in a piece, without proper reasons of how it came to be, it's much more bleek.

  • @Zas this post was never intended to go past one page. It is a joke directed at two TWS account holders. I do understand your criticism and agree with you, but I am not about to spend time developing a complex and believable system of history, culture, religions, etc. because it was never intended to be an actual novel.

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