• One night. That's all it took for things to change, I've been used to things changing like but for the bad never the good. It's crazy how my mind wonders and thinks things that will never happen.. it's more dumb that I actually believe it. I've worked hard to change that but I always lose. In this case I met someone who I barely know and is older and taken. We talk every other night I won't lie and it does seem like an honest friendship we've had some small flirts recently but then we won't talk for days. One thing for sure is we never talk about the elephant in the room, why does she talk to me? Is she lonely too? What about her hsb? Especially in the nights.. I should know better I tell myself. I took many months fixing myself from my last relstionship, and here I am letting my guard down. I'm not proud of it but still maybe I'm just over thinking it. Still I wonder why she continues to talk to me... I wish I can talk to her about this but I over react and for all I know I'm just imagining things.. it's crazy how one night can change it all.. I used too not do this or try to get in the way of others, I was so against that and now here I am thinking of it and also hoping i don't ruin anything because I always do. One night can change it all..

    Sorry just needed to vent about this idk why.. just on my chest.

  • @sky95 I just went through an exact same situation.... sounds like she's waiting on you to tell her how you feel and what you're thinking. You have to take risky chances sometimes ya know? Or you'll never know. Maybe she doesn't know how to tell you how she feels because she's scared of ruining the special connection between the 2 of you. I think that she might be thinking of you. Wondering what she's supposed to do now. Maybe she'll say something to you in person next time ya'll see each other or whatever. If one things for sure, sounds like there's something special between you two. Just look her in the eyes and ask her how she feels about you. Maybe that's all she's waiting for. For you to ask the question. Hey man, go for it!

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