• What do u Think abut yorslf?

  • @mika-aditya definitely not positive things, that's for sure 😂

  • I’m always striving for improvement and understanding. Although I am not where I want to be in life I am working to get there and learning to be who I want to be. I’m able to openly state my flaws and apologize for my mistakes and wrong-doings; I firmly stand by my convictions. I feel happy with who I am.

    Despite being happy with myself I also feel lacking. The most prominent thing that troubles me is that I feel very strange and conscious with how I fit in people’s lives. Sometimes I feel like I am just one out of many people in theis lives, and like I only can positively influence them so much. It feels like when you want to be better and get closer to loved ones but you don’t know how.

    And it lead to this strange loneliness despite being in the lives of those close to me. Maybe it has to do a bit with how in the last 6 months or so everyone in my household haven’t really been here too often, but even my best friend and a lot of friends from school and work feel distant.

  • @mika-aditya So I guess I think of myself as humbly average? A lot of good, and some bad but I would like to think everyone is like that. Everyone has good somewhere deep in them. Some are just hurt and release the negativity in their lives onto others or themselves.