• It’s always bothered me the subject of understanding one another and I don’t mean that I don’t understand people I’ve actually been told I’m rather understanding and kind at heart when listening to other people’s sides of things but the thing that’s bothered me the most is that no matter what, you’ll never really understand completely what someone means when they discuss things that are considered deep as in how to view life, emotions or even rhetorics. This bothers me and I don’t want it to I want to be able to understand completely from that persons view point and the same way when I’m trying to tell them how I feel and truth be told this is one great factor of loneliness is that no one understands you from the way you understand and honestly it sucks sure you can get a substantial understanding but it’s never going to be 1:1 complete comprehension cause people see things in different ways. Example when I try to talk to someone about my problems and my life I won’t feel like I’m getting through to them and they understand something slightly different from what I’m saying but we both know the source but not the same answer... and this is why I don’t really talk about my problems on here or anywhere really unless it’s with someone who can come close to my mindset or I trust very deeply... the reason I’m venting here instead of the places I usually (well....I rarely ever vent even when I should and need to) cause I’m not looking for an answer on this cause I’ll never truly know it... all I’ll get from anyone is their opinion and hopefully reading some replies to find something close to my ideology but it’s close to 0% as people are that different so here I am saying this elongated paragraph to vent when I should be talking to the people I trust but I’m afraid that I’ll just either worry them or the reason for this topic: I’m afraid they won’t completely understand me

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    And Ive always looked at posts replies and dm’s and knew that i will never fully understand everyones viewpoints
    Everytime I start into a deep subject I make sure to say “correct me if I am wrong” because I know for sure they will elaborate more.
    But it is like you said, we will never truly be in another persons mind

  • @rabbitboy

    I would like to add that sometimes there's even another barrier, actually 2. When yourself can't put to words your own feelings and viewpoints even tho you know exacly how you feel or it's the other way around, you hear someone talk about something, you can relate completely with it and you wanna say something to let them know you are there and you understand and you can't just make it into words. I know it sounds cheesy, but that«s why sometimes I like to use lyrics to express my feelings. hides in a hole after such corny revelation

  • @mr-h hey I don’t find at all a cheesy answer and rather a good opinion to take into mindset over it that’s actually one of the reasons for my thinking is that we lack words in our vocabulary to properly and understandingly project our emotions and perspectives to others it’s more or less the fact that understanding is almost impossible to understand or explain anything

  • I've totally felt the same way. Like, no one but me has lived my life, so no one but me can actually, fully understand how it feels to be me. It's lonely af no matter what people say.

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