• Been busy today, blah blah blah ...
    The results of my labor were a kick-ass spicy hot curry .... 😄 Result I might add.

    So as I sat down to tuck in I sneezed, I mean not just sneezed but SNEEZED hahahah
    Ya kind feel happy that you only get some down ya chin 😕 ....
    or maybe even on ya lap
    But Noooooooooo not me!!!
    0_1538075866035_Sheep Sneeze.gif

    All of the above and some for me 😮
    I didn't even know the human being could contain so much snot when he didn't have a cold lmfao

    🤔 I suppose the bit of extra protein gave a lil extra flavor to the meal....

    not like I had a choice to be fair

  • @shaGrossun-durwin

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