Any Budding Music Producers Out There You Might Want To Check This Out

  • The BatSheep

    I just got an email from Propellaheads telling me about their new IOS and Android software.

    • Download the app to your device....
    • If you dont have an account sign up and make one
    • Download Reason Lite to you Mac or PC

    Reason Compact

    0_1537054000085_Reason Compact.jpg

    Now before you tell me that this is a pic for the IOS , it IS avalible for Android to ....
    I am mentioning this to you'll because when you install the app ......

    • THEY ARE GIVING AWAY REASON LITE for Mac & Windows computers

    This is a more than entry level DAW for anyone that has cracked copies or doesn't have one at all.

    This Offer Ends on the 30th September......

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