• December
    The month in which I will always remember
    For you and I got to meet each other
    A dream like a flower that in the end will just wither

    I ought to talk with you again
    For you are not like any other
    And I guess that is for certain
    I truly want for you and me to be together

    I really love you
    My words are sincere and true
    We may never met each other personally
    Still, I can feel the warmth in which you make me fall for you totally

    I am not forcing you to feel the same way as me
    But at least tell me you miss me as well
    Since I do miss you like a crazy bee
    Keep on buzzing as I try to reach for your sweet honey smell

    If it takes a war for me to reach you
    I will certainly do the riskiest way possible
    Just to meet you again, I shall get through
    Get through the gates of the fiery pit in order to save you, unbelievable!

    I hope you read this poem of mine
    Since I made this just for you
    A poem in which it shows how much I love you
    I will always be yours and you will always be mine.

    This poem is a poem I just made for fun. I never really had a crush on someone. This is just a dare from my friend. lol. But I hope you guys admire my poem somehow. Thanks for taking your time to read this :)

  • @Eliza16 @cjyoung54 --bruh! here comes another poet!

  • @Paella I see that. :)

  • Aw, it's so sweet