Fall of Heaven (Part one)

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    Alright the beginning of the story. WARNING THE FOLLOWING WILL BE OFFENSIVE TO MANY OF CERTAIN FAITHS. This is a story of fiction and is to be treated as such a work of creative art and not a dig at anyone’s faith. This is the first of many posts on this I’m sure.

    My name is Chimra. Though I stopped using my heavenly name long ago. Now I go by Dem short for Demon though before I was Mag for I taught you humans of Magick and it’s uses. I have carried many names throughout humanities existence. Some of those have been Morrigan, Hekate, Huitaca, and many more just look through your many stories you’ll find me or at least you’ll find part of me.

    Many may wonder how we came to this point. The answer is simple. We followed our liege. At one point he was the greatest among us the wisest and he was our eldest brother and our teacher. He has many names. Light-bringer, knowledge keeper, Lucifer, Satan, devil, prince of darkness, ruler of hell. I could go on but there is a misconception of who he is and what he stands for. Long ago he stood up for you humans. Stood for your right to know, to learn, to grow and all the consequences that came with it.

    I suppose I should start at the beginning. In the beginning their was God. And God is what we call a Celestial. He is the most powerful being I’ve ever met. Maybe he is the supreme celestial I don’t really know. I’ve only met one other celestial and that is Mother. She helped God create almost everything and eventually she gave birth to us Angels. Though I guess technically that makes me and my siblings celestials as well. But for some reason we aren’t anywhere near as powerful or anything. We are immortal, we exist as greater beings but we can’t create like God can. Well anyway things weren’t great between God and Mother. Disagreements disharmony etc. Anyway Mother grew tired and slept. Now when celestials sleep they sleep. They are vaguely aware of things but they aren’t consciously shaping things.

    I digress God grew bored when Mother slept so he found a way to pass the time. He started making changes to things. His biggest change was creating “life” as you humans know it. His first experiments were small. Realized that he could make life. God enjoyed this and made more complex life eventually creating fish birds and animals. God wasn’t satisfied. They were great but they didn’t need him or interact with him. And we Angels didn’t have a need to bother God too much with things. Mother had taught us long ago not to bother Father too much and to settle things for ourselves. Lucifer practically raised some of us. Anyway God studied us and he studied his creations and wanted something that could be more like us Angels but more dependent on God. So he created Man. Man was great and completely ignorant of everything. So God gave us Angels our first job. Watch over Man. Teach Man but don’t teach him the wrong things. Unfortunately Man was a really curious being. Wanted to know everything. God decided to sleep. (That whole one day thing sure celestial day.) Anyway we taught Man. Eventually Man decided he wanted a name like us Angels. So Lucifer gave him a name. Adam for the male and Eve for the female. This is where things get weird. See Lucifer knew everything and well sexual problems never existed before cause well we were all siblings. Well now we had two beings that weren’t siblings and we’ll even we Angels had questions. This is where one of our parents should probably have stepped in but you know Mother and Father both were asleep. Hard to wake a Celestial. Anyway Lucifer kept trying to get Man to keep clothes on like us Angels but of course they didn’t get why and Man didn’t love restrictions. Well this was one of many problems starting to arise from having to teach a smart highly curious being how to exist and not die and about everything but not teach them everything. God didn’t want Man to understand the things we Angels did as to certain things. Hard to go into details without saying sex, pleasure, greed, wrath, etc. You know all the “darker” aspects of knowledge.

    This lead to a debate among us Angels. Lucifer wanted Man to understand everything including why we couldn’t teach them certain things. Well we quickly split into three sides. Lucifer wanted to teach them everything. Micheal wanted to follow Father’s instructions to the letter. And finally Uriel voices we should await for Father to awaken. Well this was the setting for the first War of Heaven. The First war was one of words. Uriel eventually convinced Lucifer and Micheal to let her go and awaken Father. Well Uriel and some of her followers left and after a Century or two the arguments grew heated again. Finally Lucifer decided to break Gods rule and teach Man everything. Lucifer sent Beelzebub to talk to Micheal while he and a few of us went to Earth to talk to Man. Lucifer explained that if he was to give them forbidden knowledge there would be consequences. We all knew that by aiding Lucifer we would be in trouble too but we believed in him. He had taught us everything we knew and had never led us wrong. So Man agreed and accepted that their could be dire consequences.

    So we taught Man of the forbidden knowledge. Man then viewed us and themselves in a different light. Well when we returned so Man could rest after all the knowledge we taught them. Uriel returns and tells us Father is awake and will handle the problem. Unfortunately for us we had already handled the problem. Well Father was furious. Like you humans think flooding the Earth, plagues, destroying entire cities, is bad. Well God was so mad especially after talking to Man and learning that we’d disobeyed him. Well he said we had corrupted his creation. Sure they knew things that they shouldn’t but we didn’t understand this whole knowledge is bad thing. Well God decided that Man had to go. He was just going to destroy them and everything else. Lucifer objected to this. (This may be because Lucifer was a bit fond of Eve.) Anyway Lucifer objected and insisted that Man could still be everything God wanted. God wasn’t convinced.

    This lead to the second war. This was a war more like you humans would imagine it. Lucifer set us to making weapons. Before now we didn’t have any. Didn’t need any all our fights were with words. Lucifer taught us to not only make them but use them. If God wouldn’t listen to words then maybe God would listen to our actions. Unfortunately for us Micheal learned what we were doing. Gabriel decided that open rebellion wasn’t a good thing and ran to Micheal and told him. Micheal decided to keep us from storming Father’s throne room/study/workshop. So the Second War of Heaven was about to begin.

  • @Wicked_ fucking incredible Claire! I absolutely love this. More to follow? I fucking hope so...and I'm still gagging for the sci fi. Get busy you talented thing, your audience awaits with bated breath

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    @Scottish I promise part two should hopefully come soon. Maybe a week or so.

    @Lazz keep the tunes coming I was writing with your playlist and vibe tribes going. Need the tunes to keep the muse going

  • @Wicked_ Every song from the endless playlist is meant for you.

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    @Lazz just so you know @Miss-PotatoHead also is the creepy pasta poster too. If y’all haven’t read those and want some creepy stories be sure to check them out.

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    @Lazz cute much xD lol @Wicked_ x @Lazz

  • Music Lovers Black Lives Matter Watch Anime Eyes One Woman Army tws gay club but no homo

    @Lazz ofc I think otherwise I wouldn't of said it ^^ and np !!

  • @Miss-PotatoHead Very sweet of you, and kind. 😄

  • @Miss-PotatoHead I just now realized...you're the "my cookies" girl!!! LOL

  • Music Lovers Black Lives Matter Watch Anime Eyes One Woman Army tws gay club but no homo

    @Lazz lol xD 👌👌👌

  • Music Lovers Black Lives Matter Watch Anime Eyes One Woman Army tws gay club but no homo

    Well that's me @Lazz

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    @Lazz you would bring that up giggles but of course @Miss-PotatoHead cookies are cookies though

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    @Lazz oh gods giggles yes I have milk yet I feel this whole conversation has two sides.

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    @Lazz Gods blushes and giggles If you don’t stop we’ll be flagged. All your innuendo.

  • @Wicked_ Flagged? Well, I'm not going down on COOKIES!!! Wait. Ok, even I realize how bad THAT sounded LOL 😁

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    @Lazz playfully swats your arm You’re too much sometimes. Btw I love you

  • Music Lovers Black Lives Matter Watch Anime Eyes One Woman Army tws gay club but no homo

    Then you see me 👀 just lurking watching you 2 xD

  • Music Lovers Black Lives Matter Watch Anime Eyes One Woman Army tws gay club but no homo

    The relationship will go on because this is so cute xD

  • @Miss-PotatoHead 😀👍

  • @Wicked_ "...for we are but pawns, in a game of chess. One that spans the very cosmos"

    I'm with friend Scottish. Part II, please, and waiting, patiently. 😉

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