• Freedom Writers

    When I first laid eyes on you,
    I was stunned through and through,
    and I just couldn't stop staring,
    not caring,
    who saw me glancing,
    as my heart began pounding,
    deep in my chest,
    and I was hard pressed,
    to want to look away,
    from your majesty,
    as it's a travesty,
    that I haven't had,
    something so brilliant to admire,
    and that led me to the dire,
    need to get to know you.
    It was such a relief,
    that you could be,
    just as beautiful on the inside,
    as you are on the out,
    and our talk got rid of the clout,
    that I could possibly want to be with anyone else,
    as my life had been dealt,
    with the ultimate gift,
    and that's just your presence,
    as it made everything start to make sense.
    My life,
    my time,
    my experiences,
    all led to you,
    and it makes me feel so splendid,
    that I can just be candid,
    and openly express,
    anything we need to address,
    because of how we mesh.
    It's no contest,
    you already have me impressed,
    as you possess,
    my everything in our short period together,
    that the thought of being apart from you makes me shutter,
    as my thoughts are scattered,
    and I feel the lightning strike,
    when I found out how much we're alike.
    I feel emboldened,
    as my heart opens,
    and wraps around,
    as we are bound,
    to feel this way,
    for the rest of our days,
    not letting anything sway,
    us from the plotted destination,
    that we're set to arrive at through admiration,
    as you are my ultimate temptation,
    and we build the reputation,
    of having the most enriching and glorious of relations.
    I can't predict the future,
    and I don't know the fine details of what's about to happen,
    but I know that our love will span,
    and echo through out time,
    as I will always pine,
    for you more and more,
    as I can't ignore,
    the door,
    that we've walked through,
    which has affected my very tissue,
    and when I look back to review,
    what led to,
    us I know it's because,
    you're the one.

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