• Freedom Writers

    Nerves racking,
    from my teeth that will soon be cracking,
    and as I feel the injection,
    after one final inspection,
    it's the final pain,
    that sharp pinch,
    that makes me wince,
    and after the twitch,
    the surgeon will let,
    it all set,
    and I get,
    to let that nitrous oxide,
    fill the inside,
    of my lungs,
    because the fun,
    has begun,
    with music so chill,
    I start to feel,
    perfectly relaxed,
    almost enough to pass,
    out in the chair,
    then back from somewhere,
    the surgeon does one final test,
    to see if my pains been put to rest.
    After he knows it is gone,
    and one final prod,
    he begins his incision,
    as I'm completely indifferent,
    to all of my surroundings,
    as I'm finding,
    nothing he does matters,
    as long as he gets the right tooth to make my mouth better,
    so I don't mind as he pulls with his might,
    and although some parts of my mouth are a little tight,
    we get through without any complications,
    and it was an experience I was so glad to do without sedation,
    as the feelings and sensations,
    were only making,
    me wish,
    for more of this pleasantness.
    I leave,
    after the tooth pulling,
    still feeling,
    like I've been elevated,
    by the most pleasant of rides,
    but soon it will leave me too,
    that wonderful nitrous oxide.