• Freedom Writers

    Sometimes the gloom,
    feels like your doom,
    as you contemplate,
    the things that agitate,
    your complacency,
    as your memories,
    are filtered through a lense of disillusion,
    "What has really been your contribution?"
    And so you begin to fall,
    down the spiral,
    no end in sight,
    zapping all your might,
    keeping you up every night,
    you try and fight,
    but the thoughts wrap around too tight,
    and they start to strangle,
    as you're entangled,
    mentally mangled,
    so you try to wrangle,
    your thoughts in another direction,
    but the spirals in control,
    you're unable to manage.
    So the darkness appears even greater than before,
    you start to see death knocking at your door,
    and in your core,
    you abhor the very idea,
    how could you do that to the ones you adore?
    But that creeping pit just wants in,
    so you start to think of the ultimate sin,
    and you bat it away with good recollections,
    but the swirling chaos can cloud your perception,
    and everything that used to be good now only brings pain,
    and so you start to feel insane,
    as things that were once inane,
    grow beyond your control and you start to blame,
    yourself for everything,
    and you forget about your own majesty.
    Eventually the twisting void starts to subside,
    and when you were trying to hide,
    in the back of your mind,
    you think, "I'm not going to make it next time."

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