• Freedom Writers

    I look at myself and I can't help but dwell on all of my problems,
    as I inspect myself from top to bottom,
    and every little flaw,
    every little spec,
    I start to notice as it's proportions,
    are all distorted,
    from my perspective,
    and it affects me internally,
    where I apply these visual complications,
    to cause me to second guess myself,
    and I hate when any of them get addressed,
    because then I start to second guess,
    if I should wear that outfit,
    should I even go out to clear my head,
    or was it even worth leaving today?
    I just want to go through one moment,
    where none of this is an issue,
    but I don't know if I'll ever get through,
    these thoughts that keep me from feeling exceptional,
    and to feel any other way is purely hypothetical,
    as long as all I can see,
    is what's standing there in front of me.

  • Well written!