Dreams of Perfection

  • Freedom Writers

    When I go to sleep I have the ideal person there.
    They're sexy, charming,
    and we just talk the whole dream,
    never worrying about what to say next,
    because they just bring the best out of me,
    and even when things get silent,
    I can just sit and admire their looks.
    Their touches drive me wild,
    and get me wanting more,
    and I can't wait to sleep again,
    because there they are waiting for me,
    as I am them.
    The more I get to know this person,
    the more I want to be with them.
    When I'm away from them,
    I just look forward to the next time I can see them,
    because they can put a smile on my face like no one else,
    and fill me with love and desire like no other has before.
    I find myself fantasizing about them all the time,
    and it's a perfect world with us together.
    They just compliment me on every level I could imagine,
    and their interests are mine,
    as are their desires, wants, wishes, impulses, cravings,
    and we're just as eager to get into each others arms,
    the more we are together,
    with a love growing by the minute,
    and a passion matched that I didn't even realize was possible.
    The only thing wrong with this dream,
    is we just don't have enough time together,
    and the best part of this dream,
    is when I wake up you're there laying next to me.

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