• Some nights you will feel
    like there are thousand galaxies
    exploding in every inch of you
    and you are burning too bright
    to ever be looked directly,
    and some nights you will feel
    impossibly small, like your
    whole body could slip through
    the spaces between atoms and
    never reappear in this world again
    and some nights you will feel
    like a paper doll, carefully crafted
    and easily blown away, fragile,
    too delicate to ever be touched,
    and some nights you will feel
    like each cell in your body is
    made of the strength that holds
    the whole planet together,
    and that is okay, because you are
    made of stardust and minuscule
    atoms, and breakable bones
    and the building blocks of
    everything in the universe
    and you are too alive to never
    feel anything more than human

  • Movie Buff

    @ragnar awesome as always 😎

  • @im-a-bae alt text

  • Freedom Writers

    Some nights are fine,
    some nights are long,
    but you just have to keep moving forward,
    not worrying about that which is out of your control,
    only you control your destiny,
    only you control what can make you happy,
    don't sit back in silence letting other people speak for you,
    stand up for yourself and pave your own way.

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