• Freedom Writers

    We met on the fields of battle,
    back and forth are blades rattled.
    After you nearly came to your demise,
    out reached a hand and gave me a surprise.
    It was on that day that I came to realize,
    that friendship could be had at the brink of death.
    We then continued forward, giving our enemies there last breath.
    A pal to travel through the lands for laughter,
    a new friend to look forward to hereafter.
    Some think that it's all just a game,
    but finding a friend is something I'm proud to claim.

  • @us-poet didn’t see this one before but as always its a good one 😄

  • If i was ever to write a poem, it'd be called; "the man with golden hair,silver sharp mind and bronze warmth heart"

  • Freedom Writers

    @gybon-blaklok well if you don't write that, I will.

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