• This thing called life is truly a struggle
    All you do is stumble and tumble
    and finally crumble
    The weight of the world
    Leaves your life in a swirl
    And when you fall you feel alone
    No one else just you,
    laying there on your own
    You are knocked down and weakened
    Feeling more and more defeated
    The walls are closing in
    And you have no strength left to give
    This world is a cold cruel place
    Where you struggle to stay in the race
    You know it’s a race you can’t win
    So maybe it’s time to just give in
    Because that pressure is pushing you down
    Leaving you alone in this dreary ghost town

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    And whenever you feel low or demotivated just listen to this :

    and this

  • @football_m29 - Its written beautifully but it lacks positivity.
    may be u have crossed 90%of the sea and its just 10%to the shore. may be he is too busy drowning that he didn't try to give a glance above the water.

  • @football_m30 that is so realistic. It sounds like my life. Great job. 👍🏻

  • I've just collecting the pieces of me that they'd broke
    Picking slowly, and trying my cans to make it all brand new
    Just like nothing happened, wild completely strong
    Been through of the unknown road but loneliness
    Gotta up, explore and walk with courage
    Stuck in silence
    Not able to pull up myself cause I thought I wouldn't reach my happy zone
    But I find my way... I try and tried just to got up from that emptiness.

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