The masks that I wear.

  • Freedom Writers

    Every where I go,
    the people will never know,
    all the masks that I wear,
    and the feelings I bare.
    I always have a smile on my face,
    but sometimes that feels out of place,
    I try to tell them the truth,
    but I can't hurt them so I find something else to say.
    In my own way,
    I think I'm protecting them,
    but bottling up just kills me inside.
    I try to hide,
    but if I wait too long,
    I might burst from the pain,
    it's slowly driving me insane,
    going so high and low,
    on the tides of these thoughts,
    and memories,
    I'm just trying to find me,
    again and I know once I've found away to take this mask off,
    I can speak the truth again.

  • @us-poet .... wow this one was a really strong one ah I'm speechless, I definitely felt it though, I hope ur not talking from personal experience and honestly keep up the amazing work

  • Freedom Writers

    @anonymous_me thanks. Don't you worry about me I'm always amazing, but thanks for checking. I appreciate the kind words as usual.

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