• We Do We Question!?

    We do,
    We say,
    Does it have to be this way?

    We hear,
    We look,
    Does it have to be written in a book?

    We walk,
    We run,
    Are we sure we’ve just begun?

    We trip,
    We fall,
    Are we meant to feel this small?

    We talk,
    We chat,
    Is this matter of fact?

    We meet,
    We greet,
    Is this set to repeat?

    We smile,
    We wave,
    Can this be how to behave?

    We nod,
    We bow,
    Can you teach me how?

    We struggle,
    We strive,
    You want me to be alive?

    We like,
    We lust,
    You sure this is a must?

    We see,
    We smell,
    How on earth can you tell?

    We sleep,
    We dream,
    How does this seem?

    We breath,
    We don’t……