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    You know how much I care about you,
    sometimes it's what helps get me through,
    the day,
    to tell you in a new way
    of how I want to help you out.
    Here's a few steps that can get rid of that clout.

    Step 1. Get your sweat on.
    I know pretty recently that it dawned,
    on me that depression might be getting in the way,
    but you can't let your brain say neigh,
    into taking this one step at a time.
    I know when you decide to you will do fine.
    If I was there every night we'd be walking on the levee,
    loosing track of time with a friendship all would envy.
    But since that can't be the case,
    I'm going to root for you to just go at your own pace.

    Step 2. Give some compliments.
    I know it's well documented,
    how beautiful I know you are,
    but it appears you have some emotional scars,
    of how you view yourself.
    Try looking at everybody else,
    and telling them the good qualities of them.
    You might start letting those good feelings in,
    and internalizing them for,
    how you see you and you'll want to pour,
    your feelings out,
    like a spicket of emotions that I have no doubt,
    you'll want to keep in the on position,
    and I'm only going to make one proposition,
    if you need someone to practice with,
    I'm right here with you until how you see yourself now is a myth.

    Step 3. Put a smile on.
    This one might be tricky until that depression is gone,
    but nothing makes me happier than knowing there's a smile on your face.
    All it does is make my heart race.
    It's OK if it's only artificial,
    anyone who got a look from you would feel special.
    There is nothing to worry,
    you have so much love and support there is no hurry.
    Just go at your own speed,
    and so you know I have a need,
    to put a real smile on your face at least once a day.
    It's the meaning in my life that guides my way.

    Step 4. Give yourself a pep talk.
    I know life can sometimes give you a knock,
    but don't let that stop,
    you from giving your esteem a pop,
    in the right direction.
    I know when you talk about yourself I feel I need to give you a correction,
    but I can only go so far,
    because it's up to you on how you are.
    Tell yourself about those traits,
    that you like about you to make you feel great.
    Every day you can continue to add to that list.
    It'll get to the point where you exist,
    in a world where you love your whole body,
    because right now that view is a bit shoddy.

    Step 5. Don't self-sabotage
    What you think you're seeing is really a mirage,
    of an old view you've had for years,
    and that thought can bring me to tears,
    because I know right now you only see flaws,
    but those emotional claws,
    have lied for so long.
    Even at your "worst" you were just as beautiful all along.
    If you start to see something negative in your head,
    just start to put those thoughts to bed.
    See why you started thinking that way,
    and come up with something good to say.

    Step 6. Assess your relationships with others
    This ones in here just to make sure you cover,
    all aspects of your life that might get you down.
    If anyone is putting a frown,
    on your face and you know it,
    just cut them out now before they blow it,
    all up and you didn't realize,
    how much happier you could be and bring back the sparkle in your eyes.

    Step 7. Have a sense of humor.
    The thought of this not being true seems like it's just a rumor,
    but if there is something about you that gets under your skin,
    don't let it bother you just let the funny in.
    Make light of the situation,
    it will start to build a good foundation,
    of well being in your life,
    and laughter can help get rid of strife.
    I'm here to help if you need some practice.
    You don't have to worry about me being a cactus,
    someone who would just poke holes.
    I'm just here to complete your soul.

    Step 8. Have sex.
    This doesn't seem that complex.
    Try to go and make some time,
    and it's just fine,
    if you don't want to sometimes.
    But if you ever need that boost to make you feel prime,
    it's available.
    It'll make that image you have of you a lot more unassailable.

    Step 9. Fake it until you make it.
    This one will make you a hit.
    Showing others that you know you're awesome,
    will internalize and begin to blossom.
    I mean this one already wouldn't be a stretch,
    you're already amazing in so many ways that you're the greatest catch.

    Step 10. Rock some red.
    This one you seem to not dread.
    I already know this color,
    will look good on you like no other.
    It will give you welcome attention to help you from feeling frail,
    and will help you sail,
    into new heights,
    and seeing you in red I just might,
    be stunned again by your beauty.
    Others will see it too that I guarantee.

    Step 11. Stand up straight and tall.
    This last step might be the easiest of all,
    because all it does is give you a new perspective.
    It'll give you endorphin's and be transformative,
    on how you're feeling.
    You'll turn into a new being.

    I write this because to me you mean so much.
    I don't like you leaning on that crutch,
    of negativity.
    If you can see you the way I do it would feel me with glee.
    I'll be here whenever you want to start,
    but know I'm thinking of you and you're always in my heart.

  • Freedom Writers

    @cid-cid I think there are many many ways to help combat it. The most important thing is to try, never give up, and reach out when you need to.

  • @us-poet love. Just love.

  • @ms_e it's what I spread to all of you. That poem is available to all who need it, but there are a few of you I've talked to that I know need to hear this sometimes.

  • @us-poet you couldn't have timed it better in my case.

  • @ms_e you're definitely one of those beautiful people I'm talking about. Please feel free to talk to me any time about anything. I know your situation will improve soon.

  • @us-poet I appreciate the opportunity. I may prevail upon you at a future date.