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    Depression is monkey curse, lives inside of you
    the feeling of negative psychological and lacking of emotions
    living on reclusive island, nobody cant reaches me
    and I'm still waiting for new notifications
    the feeling of been defeated
    the feeling of hatred and heated

    Depression is scissors, ready to cut open your heart apart
    My hopes and happiness fades out as like light bulb die and depart
    do I have to sewing it together with needles and strings not an band aid?
    I do not have a perfect requirement as my grandmother's crafted hand
    too late, her longest elderly year, meet with death until her last breath and be away'd
    soon, my soul and my body will fall on the ground of sorrowful land

    Depression hits you at any time
    all of my thoughts were trembling and worrying
    but I stood like a dead statue of King Lear and postponed to stop my troubling mind

    Depression puts me in cold sleep
    and I cannot hold in all of my emotions, so I weep
    in my darkest dream, depression blocks the source of light
    and I cannot see, can't win a fight

    Depression is testing your fate
    if I open a sacred notebook of my entire life written in pages, I would carrying my own weight
    date on top left corner of the page for your recorded days
    time on the right besides your pinpoints for remembering the moments you've had spent
    My philosophy of afterlife, the choice is yours will be forever and desire until the end of midnight
    if you die in depression and believing in lies, you'll sell your notebook to hell and meeting with Lucifer
    if you die in happiness and truth seeker, you'll give out to heavenly bright and feel his heart of Lord Jesus Christ

    Depression is our second best friend
    In during epic sweeping wind in the sky, will you hold my hands until the end?
    In lonely afternoon of Rome, would you visit my home to see I'm having complete meltdown?

    Depression can you kill me without pain or bleeding?
    one last thing before I say farewell
    will you write me a letter without an excuse of leaving?
    if someone receive my letter, would you leave me?
    a brutish suicide expressing my wounded words
    and I hear lovely sounds of two or more bluebirds screaming
    Depression you're my Jack Daniels, to drowning myself in poison of sea!

    is it possible?
    an physical form of depression holds a silver dagger knife, can he kill me while I'm dreaming?

    thanks for reading my well effort poem
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    reply comment down below if you find this cringe or worst poem you'll ever read

    and I would to say special thanks @US-poet for fixing some of my typos
    and correct any errors of writing form.
    thanks again.

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    @willow of course, my friend. do it.
    don't hesitate. don't rush . please do credit me okay. that would
    be nice from you. bro

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    @im-bored 🙂
    This is absolutely beautiful.
    Would you mind if I took out a small portion and put it in my bio? (Ill give you cred of course)



    Lol ,the poem is as dynamic & Quirky as you are ,it perfectly matches you 😃 😃 ...Great job mah dude .

    alt text

    ..seriously ,I'm impressed. 👍 👍

  • @im-bored genius

  • @im-bored

    this is with no doubt ducking awesomeeeee!!!


  • You left me speechless.

  • alt text

    You should write a book, I am eagerly waiting for reading your book

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    Wow, this was amazing. I wish I could write like this. And i can relate to the poem itself...

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