• This might be embarrassing, for me at least, but since I don't really know anyone here I thought that I could make my debut (as a poet of all things) here. And this is one of my first poems ever so please don't rush to judge.


    Though there’s not much to tell,
    I’ll still give it a spell,
    and try my best not to bore.
    But, where to begin,
    with so much in store,
    I don’t know if I can show discipline.
    Yet, I will resist letting out too much,
    until I can see,
    if there are any like me,
    those who have been through trauma,
    though not much drama,
    and have had their life torn apart,
    before it could really start.
    And no, I don’t mean the miserable sights,
    who “think” that they can no longer feel delight.
    I only wish to know,
    those kind and gentle souls,
    who, even now,
    can call themselves happy.

    And now I think that I have gone off track again,
    So adieu until whenever.

  • @girlwhois16 Thanks for saying that. I'm glad that someone likes it.

  • @ragnar Thank you. My first attempt at poetry is going better than I anticipated.

  • @kyra-white I like this. I really like this.

  • @kyra-white woah!!! Hats off!! Thats awesome!

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