• My life hasn’t been the best,
    and though that may suggest,
    that I might be depressed,
    this is not the case,
    I try not to waste
    an hour, minute, or even a second
    on such melancholy shit.
    I would tell myself to get over it,
    kick myself out of bed,
    and get those dark thoughts out of my head.
    there are probably thousands of people,
    whose hardships could equal,
    or quite possibly be worse,
    than mine.
    And though over time
    my luck hasn’t changed
    I don’t feel discouraged
    I don’t need someone to blame
    and I certainly don’t get
    those that do.
    Life isn’t great.
    But, just who,
    in this whole world
    could ever promise it would?

  • @kyra-w Heyy. ..Thats...Nice
    Keep it up...💗👍👍👍🙌

  • @kyra-w I appreciate your "dumb" poems. I like the way they flow. Good job and good story telling. If the words you say are true, it's nice that you have a good head on your shoulders, even if life isn't always fair.