• Will you catch me
    when I fall ?
    If I need to lean
    can you be my wall ?

    Could you keep me safe
    from troubled men ?
    When I awake
    will I see you again ?

    My love for you
    it's not going away
    Til the end of time
    Come what may

    Are you the one
    who'll take my hand
    Kiss me on the beach
    as we lay in the sand

    When fear comes calling
    will you hold me tight ?
    In the deepest darkness
    be my light

    Can you be different
    not like the rest?
    Life is hard, and our love
    it WILL test

    I just need to know
    that with you I'm secure
    When I don't hear from you
    it makes me unsure

    Have I done something wrong ?
    Said something bad ?
    Perhaps I did a thing
    that made you mad

    I know I'm a handful
    but I don't ask for much.
    Just keep me safe, hold me
    I crave your touch

    Please let it be
    Let me walk by your side
    Perhaps maybe later
    I could be your bride

    For I never dreamed
    I could meet one like you
    So strong and gorgeous
    intelligent too

    Where are you love ?
    I miss you so
    You are my vice
    I cannot let go

    © January 3, 2020, L. Karriem

  • I really enjoyed the meter and the clean structure. I enjoyed your rhyme scheme. all In all I think it was lovely, and well done!

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