• Freedom Writers

    When it comes to your success,
    it's important to address,
    all the ways that you've made progress,
    and how you've come to possess,
    all of your greatness,
    because that's never a path taken alone,
    for when it comes to how you've grown,
    a friend will help you along,
    who can let the little things be gone,
    and help you lift that weight,
    that's you thought was another trait,
    but it was just in the way of your fate,
    so use them before you deflate,
    and only keep those who make you feel great.
    Life can be on a cosmic karma scale,
    where if you make others feel well,
    it'll come back where you can tell,
    that everyone around you will begin to feel swell,
    because once you've been kissed by fortune,
    you'll start to be watching,
    for it to show up to be more common,
    as you'll want it to happen often,
    but the mistress of luck,
    will only come for you to be struck,
    when she deems it that you're worth,
    her time to pluck,
    you out of your funk.
    Things don't happen by accident,
    you're on a path that will be evident,
    once it's necessary for her elegance,
    to give you the mercy of luck's extravagance,
    because the lips of serendipity,
    come at you with the tenacity,
    of her pleasantries,
    and a new view of reality.