• My mind is in chaos
    My life is complicated
    My world is in genocide
    My thoughts are unthinkable
    Cmoon lets go
    Take me to your world
    Cover me with your love
    Raise me by your grace
    Listen to my prayers
    Am perishing steadly
    My demise is calling my name
    Might me be your prayers!
    shall you protect me from this dark cloud
    Take me far from here
    Whisper peace in my ears
    Preach love in my thoughts
    Honey take me to your world
    Take me where we shall be the only living
    I am tired of this lonliness life
    It's always boring here
    Only pain is what i am familiar with
    Habibty take me away
    I don't like it here
    Please close my eyes
    I don't wish to see these miseries
    Listen to my chanting
    Grant my words breath to live
    Hide my cries with smiles
    Construct my smile by your charm
    Give me reasons to love you the best
    Make me fall asleep on your arms
    Let me hold into your love
    Please take me away
    Darling take me to your world

  • Music Lovers

    @ragnar -As if now, I believe mars is vacant πŸ˜‰ Make it fast or some other couple will enjoy the lone time on the whole planet

  • @ragnar truly, just IMPECCABLE!!!

  • Come to Uranus and we can chill

  • Music Lovers

    @ragnar im not crying dammit, youre crying !!
    God baby i love you. This pne is perfecto. Fantabulous. Awesome. Err thing I wanna hear. IN ONE POEM 😍😍

  • @ragnar the only thing I could think of the whole time.