This is called "The Cave"

  • Freedom Writers

    Your life feels like it's going nowhere.
    Out of control, spinning around.
    But you'll always have ground,
    no matter how low you feel.
    The bottom is real, and scary,
    but you have friends to let you out.
    Caves can be comforting, but be careful,
    there a lies within those cavernous places.
    Everything is going to be amazing,
    and I'll always have the candles you'll need,
    to light your way into normality.
    Seeing for the first time can hurt,
    but don't worry, that's just your eyes,
    adjusting to the world, and before you know it,
    you've forgotten about that cave.
    One of these days, I'm going to be there,
    helping you board up that cave,
    and welcome you into the great fields of tranquility.

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