• Freedom Writers

    You've gone away,
    and I don't know when you'll return,
    but for you that fire still burns,
    as I continue to yearn,
    for your presence again.
    The wait is painful,
    and it's a shame that,
    I can't be there for you now,
    and tell you how,
    much you matter,
    as your absence has left me tattered,
    and a scattered shell,
    that's not doing too well,
    as I can't tell,
    you how much I'm missing you.
    I'm sticking around for that triumphant moment,
    that I covet,
    and I'm set,
    to deliver you all the love for you to see,
    once you return,
    because I know how much it means to you.
    I don't know what you've been up to,
    and I don't know what you're doing,
    but I'm bringing more kindling,
    to keep this love from dwindling,
    because the best thing I've ever experienced,
    is your mere presence,
    and I can't control the time I get with you,
    but I can always remember all the fond times we've had.
    My heart has a door that awaits your knock,
    and I take stock,
    that you will walk,
    and as I unlock,
    to open it up to you,
    and welcome you back into my welcoming arms,
    to take care of anything that has harmed,
    you for that first embrace we'll have,
    and I'll give you everything I've got,
    because you're always in my thoughts.